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Division I:Richmond
Division II:Chicago
Division III:Nashville
Division IV:Charleston, WV
Division V:Tallahassee


CHAPTER COLONNADE CHALLENGE "C3" Closes 2013-14 and Begins 2014-15

The 2013-14 C3 Season XI has come to a close. The results have been tabulated and will be announced shortly. We will also be recognizing all those chapters who scored 90 Points or more. Competition was again very close and we saw so many chapters increase their activity though out the year. A job well done and thanks to all our chapter volunteers for another great chapter year and continuing what many say, and we agree, is the best chapter programs in the land.

Looking ahead for 2014-15: We have already begun adjusting the C3, so what you will now see online does not reflect the 2013-14 results. Keep your eyes open for your chapter's Chapter Development Form as it will be arriving by email soon.