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Is there wireless in the Stackhouse Theater? (link)

Yes! Both secure (for W&L students and employees with AD credentials) and access for guests.

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Can I show a movie in the Stackhouse Theater? (link)

You can show your movie in the theater provided you pay the licensing fees.  There are exceptions.  For more information on licensing, click here.  Contact the Elrod Commons building coordinator at ext. 5000 for more information on how to set up the event.

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How do I play a DVD in Stackhouse Theater in the Elrod Commons? (link)

Walk over to the dvd player in the front cabinet, insert the DVD and play the DVD from the podium. Additional infomation listed as Theater Equipment Instructions under "Documents" to the right -->

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How can a guest login on classroom computer or in the Stackhouse Theater? (link)

On the Login screen: 
1) Use the drop down box to change from the "AD" setting to the "this computer" setting.
2) Login name is W&LGuest
3) Password is W&Lpassword (entries are case sensitive)

*note: classroom guest login screen will look very similar to this laptop pool login screen below

 Classroom login screen is similar to this laptop login screen


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How do I make my PowerPoint 2007 slide show continuously loop? (link)

To loop a PowerPoint Slide Show in PowerPoint 2007

  1. Click the Slide Show tab at the top
  2. Click the Set Up Slide Show button.
  3. When the Slide Show dialog box opens, look under the Show options section and check the box beside Loop continuously until 'Esc'
  4. Click OK.
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Can I show presentations with LifeSize Passport video conferencing? (link)

No. This video conferencing unit is designed for simple point-to-point exchange of what the camera sees and the microphone hears. Even though some video conferencing systems allow for the incorporation of presentations from a computer, the Passport does not.

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How can I show a file directory listing in a folder on my web site? (link)

Open the folder in which you wish to enable file listing.  Create a file named "access.www".  Open that file in notepad or wordpad and paste in the following text and then save:

                        Options +Indexes

                        IndexIgnore *.www

                        IndexOptions FancyIndexing

                        IndexOptions FoldersFirst

                        IndexOptions IgnoreCase

                        IndexOptions NameWidth=*

                        IndexOptions ShowForbidden

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