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For installing Symantec how do I tell if my PC is 32 bit or 64 bit? (link)

Right click on My Computer and under Properties > System TypeOperating System will say 32 bit or 64 bit. 

For Windows 7 right click on My Computer and under Properties > System  System Type will say 32 bit or 64 bit. 

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Do I (students) need Symantec AntiVirus for MAC? (link)

No, not at this time.  We currently do not recommend Symantec for a MAC.  Please check back soon for updated information.

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What do I do if Symantec is out of date? (link)

If you are getting a pop up window that Symantec is out of date either:

1. Click on the upright Yellow Shield in your task bar.

2. When the Symantec Window pops up click Live Update on the Left.

If you can't find the yellow shield

1. Click on Start > All Programs > Symantec Endpoint Protection

2. Click on Live Update on the Left.

Syamtec will now run Live Update, you can safely ignore both windows until it has finished.


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How do I map my H drive on a PC (student)? (link)

These instructions will get students to the H drive:

  1. Click Start
  2. Enter the following: \\mfsacad1\AcadStuHome1\<year>\<username>

An example would be Jane Doe, class of 2014:


Applies To: Students

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How do I find my shared calendars (staff) on my new PC? (link)

In Calendar click your HOME tab
Find Manage Calendars
Click Open Calendars dropdown to
Open Shared
Type the name in of the calendar

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How do I get my laptop (PC) to project my monitor image on the screen when using a projector? (link)

Once you have the laptop and projector connected you might find you only see the monitor display or the screen.  On many Dell laptops you hold the Fn key and press F8 to cycle through the various monitor modes.One will be only your monitor, one only the projection, and one both monitor and projection.

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How do I access a shared mailbox on my PC in Outlook Client after I have been granted access? (link)

Outlook 2010/2013

  1. While logged in to Outlook select File Tab and click on Account Settings.
  2. In the Account Settings window highlight your Microsoft Exchange account and select Change.
  3. In the Change E-mail Account window select the More Settings button.
  4. Navigate to the Advanced tab.
  5. In the ‘Open these additional mailboxes’ display select the ‘Add’ button.
  6. Enter the name of the shared mailbox and select OK.
  7. Select OK again and close all previous windows.
  8. You will now have a permanent link to the shared mailbox in your mail folder hierarchy.
  9. NOTE: Sent Items behavior can be configured in one of two ways. To set the Sent Item configuration, login to the shared mailbox through  OWA, Select Options, Settings, and the  Sent Items tab:
      • Sender: Copies the message to the Sent Items folder of the sender only  (set by default)
      • SenderAndFrom: Copies the message to the Sent Items folder of both the sender and the shared mailbox

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How do I (Student) quit Office365 Service when installing Office 2011? (link)
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Applies To: Students

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How do I save data files on a "frozen" classroom PC or laptop from the ITS laptop pool? (link)

Classroom PCs and ITS laptops are referred to as "frozen" since data you save to the C:\ drive will be deleted when the computer is rebooted.  

These computers have a T:\ drive where data can be saved and not overwritten during a reboot.  The T:\ drive is limited to a maximum size of 2GB.  This drive is labeled "SAVE LOCAL DATA HERE".

You may also use a memory stick connected to the USB port on the computer to save your data.

See image below for graphic details:


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How do I install the UC Client for the NEC phone on my PC or Mac? (link)
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