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How can I open a corrupted document? (link)

If you find that you can not open an important document in word your best hope is to try to open it in another application.

Right click on the offending document and choose "Open With", then choose Wordpad or Notepad (you may have to browse for these applications).  If the document is still corrupted in one of these applications and it has been stored on a network drive you can create a help ticket with the request type "Network > File Recovery" and the last backed up copy of the document (usually midnight the night before your request) can be restored to your network drive.

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What is Document Connection? (link)

Document Connection is part of Microsoft Office 2008 Service Pack 2 for the Macintosh. It makes it easier for Macintosh users to work with document libraries in SharePoint.

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How do I open a shared folder? (link)

Instructions for the recipient of the shared folder:



1. Tools>Account Settings>E-mail tab>Highlight Exchange Account> Change

2. Click on the More Settings button

3. Advanced Tab

4. Add>Type in the name of the person sharing the folder

5. Click OK>Next>Finish>Close

6. This will add a Mailbox under with the user's name on it to your mailbox, and from there you can navigate to the shared folder.


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What are "More Document Options" for the RightFax? (link)

More Document Options

This page lets you set additional document-specific transmission options. The default values are assigned by your RightFax administrator. After making changes, click the Submit Options button. The new information is only valid for the document currently being created and will not be saved.

Use Fine-Mode Resolution for Fax Body. Documents sent to fax addresses can be sent at two different resolutions: Normal (100 x 200 dots per inch) and Fine (200 x 200 dots per inch). Normal mode works well for draft-quality resolutions and shorter transmission times, while fine resolution is recommended for high-quality printed documents. Check this option to use fine mode.

Send Cover Sheet. Check this option to include a cover sheet on your document. By default, the RightFax Web Client will automatically create and send a cover sheet from the information entered on the Create/Edit Document page.

Use Fine-Mode Resolution for Cover Sheet. Check this option to render your document cover sheet in fine mode (200 x 200 dots per inch).

Cover sheet to use. Select a cover sheet from the drop-down list.

Form Type to Use. Overlay forms are image files that combine with your document so the two images appear together. Company letterhead is a commonly used overlay form. You can add one overlay form per document. Select the form you want to use from the list.

From Options. If you are creating an outgoing document, you can change your sender contact information as it will appear on your cover sheet. This lets you change the contact information for this document only. It will not affect your default settings.

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How to I create a PDF from a Word Document? (link)

1. Open the Word Document.

2. Click on File in the upper Left hand corner.

3. Click on Save As

4. Choose PDF from the Save as type drop down.

5. Name the file and click save.

The PDF will be created in the same folder as the original word document.

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How do I copy a document on a BizHub? (link)
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How do I convert a document saved in Apple Pages to a Microsoft Word document? (link)

In Pages, Click File, Export, and choose Word for the file format.

NOTE:  Students must export to Word format in order for many of their professors to be able to open their documents.

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How do I print gridlines with an Excel document? (link)

Select the worksheet(s) you want to print.

On the Page Layout tab, in the Sheet Options group, select the Print check box under Gridlines.

This prints the faint gridlines and not the bold table lines.

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I'm unable to open links in Outlook. What can I do to fix this? (link)
  1. Close Outlook client.
  2. Open Mozilla Firefox and set it as the default browser. Close Mozilla Firefox.
  3. Open Internet Explorer. 
  4. You may be prompted with a pop-up message: 'Do you want to make Internet Explorer the default browser?'
  5. If the pop-up does not appear, in Internet Explorer  > Tools > Internet Options
  6. Click on the Programs Tab and make Internet Explorer the default browser.
  7. Check the box 'Tell me if Internet Explorer is not the default browser.'
  8. Open Outlook. Links will open in Internet Explorer.

Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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What are the settings to use open with Explorer feature in Sharepoint? (link)
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How do I convert (open) a Word Perfect (.wpd) to Word? (link)

Save the Word Perfect or .wpd document and save to your desktop.

Open Word.

Open the document with the .wpd extension located on your desktop.

The converter will run and you Save document as a Word document.

There maybe formatting that needs to be updated. 

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How do I save my "Pages" document to "Word" to turn in my work? (link)

Students: If you are using Apple's "Pages" to create your documents,

you need to save as a Word document before you turn in your work.

Here's how:


1. In Pages, go to File > Save as

2. Click the down arrow by the Save As box.

3. Check the box, "Save Copy as: Word Document"


You can also go to: http://www.wlu.edu/x49936.xml and download

Office 2008 for the Macintosh. (W&L has a site license for Microsoft

Office for all university computers and for all student computers so

that everyone has access to a common software set.)

Applies To: Students

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Can I print both Portrait and Landscape in the same Word document? (link)

Yes you can print both in the same document.

Under the Page Layout Ribbon you have the Orientation and Breaks options.

When you get to where you want the next Orientation you click on Breaks and Select Next Page and then change the Orientation.

You can do this throughout the document.


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I lost the document I was working on. Where should I look for it (Office 2010)? (link)

If your computer crashes or the Office 2010 application you are using fails click on "File" > "Options" > " Save" and look for the "Auto Recovery file location". Copy that location and paste in into your Run window (Start > Run in XP Start > Search files and folders in Windows 7).  You can also browse to this location.

If you do not find your document use Search to search for any file that was created during the timeframe you worked on your document. While you work on a document temporary files are created and by opening these files ( .tmp files) with word or wordpad you may find your document.  

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How do I reduce the file size of an Adobe Acrobat PDF document? (link)

If you are scanning texts into Acrobat, it's good practice to take the following steps before sharing them so that the file size will be smaller and the document easier to download and print: 

1. Document > OCR Text Recognition > Recognize Text Using OCR (this recognizes the text and reduces the file size a lot)

2. Document > Reduce File Size, then choose Acrobat 7.0 (this is the backwards-compatibility issue mentioned above)

3. Document > Optimized Scanned PDF, then make sure the indicator is somewhere in the middle between Smaller File and Higher Quality. 

Applies To: Faculty, Staff, Students

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How do I repair Outlook links that won't open in the browser? (link)
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Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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How do I turn off Check In and Check Out on a Document Library in SharePoint 2010? (link)
  • Click on the name of the document library.
  • In the ribbon at the top of the page, choose "Library" under "Library Tools"
  • Select Library Settings (right side of ribbon)
  • Select "Versioning Settings"
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page. Under "Require Check Out", select "No"
  • Click "OK"


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How do I open links in Outlook with Internet Explorer? (link)

Click on Internet Explorer to launch

·         Click on Tools, then Internet Options

·         In the Programs Tab, under Default Web Browser heading:

·         Click on ‘Make Default’

·         Uncheck the ‘Tell me if Internet Explorer is not the default Web Browser’

·         Links in Outlook will now open in Internet Explorer.


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How do I scan a double sided multi-page document from the top feeder tray on the BizHub? (link)
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How do users(staff) speed up managing files using “Open in Explorer” in their SharePoint site through Windows standard interface? (link)
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