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How do I borrow a license for Autodesk? (link)
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Does the university license Poll Everywhere? (link)

Yes! The university has a campus-wide license for Poll Everywhere. If you would like to use Poll Everywhere for a class, organization or department, contact the Information Desk in Leyburn Library at 540-458-4357 or send an email to help@wlu.edu with your request.

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What software does W&L license for faculty and staff? (link)

The University provides site licensing for these products on University-owned equipment:

  • Microsoft Windows Upgrades
  • Microsoft Office Professional and Enterprise
  • Symantec Anti-Virus, Corporate Edition

In addition, these products are licensed for all student-owned computers.


Faculty and staff may install Microsoft Office on their personally-owned computers if its use is primarily for work-related purposes. Employees may purchase installation media at the University Store provided they sign a Work-at-Home Agreement at the Store.

Please contact your ITS Client Services Support Specialist for licensing information on other software products. ITS can often provide licensed installations at no charge to the department or provide significant volume discounts for certain products.

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Can I borrow a cell phone for international use? (link)
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