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How do I clone a Lenovo Thinkpad? (link)
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What is a Thinkpad made by Lenovo? (link)

The ThinkPad is a brand of portable laptop computers originally designed, manufactured and sold by IBM. Since early 2005, the ThinkPad range has been manufactured and marketed by Lenovo, which purchased the IBM personal computer division. 

We do not have any ThinkPad computers in circulation.

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How do I clone (image) my computer? (link)

Bring your computer to the Information desk in Leyburn Library.  You can find the hours in the Trip Saver section on the Student homepage.  We will work with you to find out what you need to have done to your image (for example back data up) and take your computer in and process your request. 

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How do I upload an image into Ingeniux? (link)
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How do I get my laptop (PC) to project my monitor image on the screen when using a projector? (link)

Once you have the laptop and projector connected you might find you only see the monitor display or the screen.  On many Dell laptops you hold the Fn key and press F8 to cycle through the various monitor modes.One will be only your monitor, one only the projection, and one both monitor and projection.

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