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I have unwanted mail, what can I do? (link)
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How do I do a mail merge? (link)

Mail merges can be done in Word.  If you need assistance please contact the Information Desk at X 4357 or enter a ticket in WebHelpDesk.  See Related Resources if using Word 2010.

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When I try to Schedule an Appointment in Outlook, Everyone has "No Information."   (link)
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Can I do an e-mail (Outlook) merge form letter? (link)
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How do I e-mail the students in my class? (link)
  1. You can use the Course Distribution Lists that are available in the Global Address List (GAL) in Outlook or Entourage. The courses are listed alphabetically by discipline. The format is Chem 106_01 Spring 2009-10.
  2. In Sakai, you can use the Announcements tool to send e-mails. Choose High Priority to send e-mail to all participants of the site.
  3. In Sakai, use the EMail Archive tool. You will have to add the EMail Archive tool in the Site Info > Edit Tools screen.
  4. In Sakai, use the Mailtool too. You will have to add the Mailtool tool in the Site Info > Edit Tools screen. Note: The Mailtool has been deprecated by the Sakai Foundation. The tool is no longer supported and may not be included in future releases.
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What will Micorsoft do if they see a sudden burst of outbound mail from a customer, will they throttle my mail? (link)
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How are Campus Notice different from Broadcast Mail? (link)

Broadcast Mail is a special e-mail message containing urgent or official information from the University. Anyone at W&L can initiate a Campus Notice; only authorized personnel can send Broadcast Mail.

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How do I (student) set up my e-mail on my Blackberry? (link)

1.In the email setup application, on the Email Accounts screen, press the Menu key.

2. Click Add Email Account.

3. Click your email account type. (Other if you do not see exchange)
4. Type your email address and password. Click Next.
5. For most types of email addresses, click POP/IMAP (Most common).

Provide the advanced setup information for your email address.

Click Next.

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How do I change my e-mail preferences for Care.com? (link)

In your e-mail from Care.com there is a statement.

"At Care.com, we do not send unsolicited emails. If you no longer want to receive these emails, please modify your group communication preferences."

Log in and adjust your preferences.

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Can I search my Outlook archived mail? (link)
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What is the URL for accessing my e-mail(Faculty/Staff)? (link)
Staff and faculty can go to https://owa.wlu.edu to log into e-mail from a web browser.

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I can’t access my archived e-mail (evault). Is there something I can do? (link)

Browse to this location: \\maltiris2\SoftwareDelivery\Symantec\EVault Plug-in and install EVClient_en.msi


If you still are unable to acces your archieved e-mails, call the Information Desk at x4357 or send an email to help@wlu.edu giving us the details and we will contact you.

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How to print merge name bags in Publisher? (link)

1.      Open Publisher

2.      File > New

3.      There is a box in the top right that says “Search for Templates

4.      In that box, type, “5392” (or the form number) and hit “Enter” or click on the magnifying glass.

5.      The template for the badges should appear. In the bottom right corner, click on Create.

6.      Click on the Mailings tab

7.      Select Mail Merge (down arrow) > Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard.

8.      On the right side, under Create recipient list, choose Use an Existing List

9.      Click Next: Create or connect to a recipient list. A browse screen should appear. Browse to the excel file with the names.

10.  Click Next: Prepare your Publication. Choose Sheet 1 when you are prompted.

11.  Click OK.

12.  Grab the Class List for Course Name Winter ’12 (highlighted below in yellow) and drag it to the name badge field:

13.  Select “F2” and drag it below the Class List for Course Name Winter ’12.

14.  Put your cursor above Class List for Journalism and type in "Title of your Event"



15.  Highlight everything and center justify, make any changes to the font (bold, etc.)

16.  Select Create Merged Publication.

17.  Select Print Preview and make sure you’re happy with the editing. If not, click on Previous: Prepare your publication down at the bottom of the screen.

18.  Select Print - Merge to Printer when you’re happy with it.

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I create an e-mail with the delay delivery option and get an error (unsent messages in your Outbox...) when closing e-mail for the night. What do I do? (link)

In Outlook 2007 and domain computers, there is a group policy object in place that prevents caching mode.  If a computer is NOT in the domain OR is using Outlook 2010, then that policy does not apply, and by default, cached mode gets turned on. 


To turn it off, go to File, Account Settings, Account Settings.  Select her name, hit change.  “Use cached exchange mode” should be unchecked.

Restart Outlook

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Is there a way to merge the participants from other sections into one Sakai course site? (link)

Go to Site Info > Import from Site, then choose the third option, which is "I would like to merge my user(s)".

In the next screen, check the box of the site that contains the students you want to import.

If you log into Sakai, enter the "Sakai Help at W&L" site, click on "Tegrity Screencasts", there is a screencast that shows this process titled "Merging Enrollments".


Applies To: Faculty

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How do I re-use content (merge data) from a previous course in Sakai? (link)
  1. In the destination site, click on Site Info.
  2. Click Import from Site.
  3. Click I would like to merge my data
  4. Check the box next to the course that has the content you want to copy.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Choose the appropriate content area (Announcements, Assignments, Resources)
  7. Click Finish

All of the content from that particular area will now reside in the destination site. Note that in order to import content into a particular area, that area must be added as a tool into the destination site. For example, if you'd like to import a quiz into the destination site, the Tests & Quizzes tool must be added to the destination site for it to appear.

Applies To: Faculty

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How do I forward an e-mail as an attachment using the full Outlook client? (link)
  • In Outlook, open up the message (sent or received).
  • In the Message tab at the top of the open E-mail, click on More and select Forward as Attachment.
  • Enter the person’s E-mail address to forward the E-mail as an attachment and send.
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How do I create a signature for my e-mail using the Outlook 2010 client? (link)
  1. In Outlook, click on File > Options > Mail.
  2. Click on Signatures.
  3. Click the New button.
  4. Type a name for your signature and click on OK.
  5. In Choose Default Signature:
  6. Select e-mail signature.
  7. Select if you want your signature added to New messages.
  8. Select if you want your signature added to Replies/Forwards.
  9. In Edit Signature, you have serveral options:  Type your signature, insert a picture, insert your business card, or add an hyperlink.
  10. Click on OK to return to your Mail.

Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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I’m getting bounce backs on a previously good e-mail address, what should I do? (link)

Sometimes you will get a bounce back from an e-mail address that you have used before. Please forward as an attachment the bounce back to mtrimmer@wlu.edu.  If it is determined that there is an invalid address that has gotten into your auto-complete address list you will need to remove the invalid address and manually enter correct address.


To remove the bad address you will need to remove the Name@address.com entry in you auto-complete list (the list of address that come up when you start typing in the To field). To remove the entry start typing “N” in the To field of a new message, use the arrow keys to move up and down the list until Name@address.com is highlighted, and press the Delete key.


After this you can manually type the address once and it will then again be in you auto-complete list, this time with the correct address.

Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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How do I get the plugin for Junk Mail Reporting in Outlook 2010? (link)

Go to http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=18275 and download the appropriate plug in for your PC or contact the ITS Information Desk at extension 4357 and ask for someone to help you install it.

Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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Can an Outlook mail merged email from Word be sent on behalf of someone else? (link)
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I'm a student and my mail server of m.outlook.com stopped working, what do I use? (link)

Microsoft has now changed the server to outlook.office365.com for mobile/POP/IMAP.

Applies To: Students

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How do I create Distribution Lists from an e-mail I've sent or received? (link)

There's not a direct way from the file menu, but you can do the following to save that group as a distribution list:


1. In the e-mail message you want to copy the names from, highlight the names in the To or Cc box.

2. Right-click and select Copy.


3. On the File menu, click on the down arrow next to NEW, and then select Distribution List.


4.  In the "Name" box, type a name for the distribution list.


5. Click "Select Members".


6. In the Members field, right-click, choose "Paste" and then OK. 

7. Click the "Save and Close" button to create the distribution list.


The first time you send to the distribution list, you will have to click CTRL + K, or the "Check Names" button to make the name of the list auto-complete.

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How do I "merge" (link) tickets in Web Help Desk? (link)
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How do I get my mail into Outlook 2011 on my Mac? (link)

We are just starting on these instructions.  Please let us know of additions/corrections.

In Outlook 2011 you need to go to mail preferences and add an exchange account.

User name is full e-mail address with password.

When prompted say always allow.

Server is pod51000.outlook.com


Applies To: Students

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How long do I have access to e-mail after leaving the University? (Faculty/Staff) (link)
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I have an Error 0x8004920a when trying to access mail.wlu.edu through FireFox or Safari. (link)

This error occurs sometimes when using Firefox or Safari to access your Outlook Live account. Here's how to fix the problem:

In Firefox, go to tools, options, then click the privacy tab and click "remove individual cookies".  Then search for outlook and delete all OUTLOOK.COM cookies.  It should now work.  This method may vary in different browsers and versions of firefox.

In Safari, go Preferences/Security/Show Cookies and delete all OUTLOOK.COM cookies.

*Do NOTdelete ALL Cookies - just the outlook.com ones!*

Applies To: Students

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How do I clear out an invalid (bad) e-mail address from my auto-complete? (link)
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Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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How do I create Contact Lists from an Excel chart or received e-mail? (link)

Create a distribution list by copying names from an Excel chart or received e-mail message.   
1.If using Excel copy the column.
2.In the message that you want to copy the names from, select the names in the To or Cc box. 
3.Right-click your selection, and then click Copy on the shortcut menu.
4.In Contacts on the Home ribbon New - Click New Contact Group and Name it.
5.On the Contact Group ribbon Members - Click Add Members and select from Outlook Contacts.
6.At the bottom of the Select Members dialog box, in the Members box, right-click and then click Paste on the shortcut menu. 

Note   A member does not need to be in your Address Book in order to be added to the distribution list. The member's name and e-mail address will be included when you copy and paste from the original e-mail message.

7.Click OK.
8.Click Save & Close.

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How do I delete/empty trash/deleted folder on exit from mail in Outlook? (link)

In Outlook 2007,  Click File > Options: Other (tab) and check the little box that indicates it will delete messages on Exit.

In Outlook 2010/2013, Click File > Options > Advanced and under "Outlook Start & Exit" check "Empty Deleted Items Folder When Exiting Outlook".


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How do I send an e-mail attachment with the Tegrity link out of Sakai to a trusted viewer? (link)

Open up the Tegrity link from Sakai
Open the Session List and click the session you want to send
At the bottom you will see an Actions drop down menu (if not maximize the window)
Under Class Actions Click Get Class Link

Note ** UNCHECK the "Do not allow anonymous user ..." box
If you don’t the user will HAVE to log into Sakai

Copy the URL and send via e-mail to TRUSTED user


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Pictures are displaying as boxes in incoming mail in Outlook. What settings can I change? (link)

This is from an on-line forum...

Outlook does not download any pictures by default for HTML emails. Now this is nothing new, but what is different is that Outlook 2010 has added another layer of security around the pictures. In 2010 to enable images for HTML:

  1. Click on the new "File" tab
  2. Click on "Options"
  3. Click on "Trust Center"
  4. Clicn on "Trust Center Settings"
  5. Uncheck the "Don't download pictures automatically in HTML e-mail messages or RSS items" check box
  6. Click the OK button
  7. Exit Outlook 2010
  8. Close all your applications and save your work.
  9. Restart the computer.

Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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How do I add MY e-mail address on a BizHub so I don’t have to type it in each time I scan something? (link)
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Applies To: Faculty, Staff, Students

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Excel formatting of phone/social security columns does not merge to Word - is there a fix? (link)

Word 2007 and Word 2010

  1. Start Word, and then open a new blank document.
  2. Go to Word Options
    • In Word 2007, click the Office Button, and then click Word Options.
    • In Word 2010, click File, and then click Options.
  3. On the Advanced tab, go to the General section.
  4. Click to select the Confirm file format conversion on open check box, and then click OK.
  5. On the Mailings tab, click Start Mail Merge, and then select Step By Step Mail Merge Wizard.
  6. In the Mail Merge task pane, select the type of document that you want to work on, and then click Next.
  7. Under Select starting document, select the starting document that you want to use, and then click Next.
  8. Under Select recipients, click Use an existing list, and then click Browse.
  9. In the Select Data Source dialog box, locate the folder that contains the Excel workbook that you want to use as your data source, select the workbook, and then click Open.
  10. In the Confirm Data Source dialog box, click to select the Show all check box. Click MS Excel Worksheets via DDE (*.xls), and then click OK.
  11. In the Microsoft Excel dialog box, under Named or cell range, select the cell range or worksheet that contains the data that you want to use, and then click OK.
    NOTE: Your data now appears in the Mail Merge Recipients dialog box with the same formatting that appears in the Excel worksheet.
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Can I get an exported list of all contacts at W&L that I can import into my personal address book in another mail client (Thunderbird, Gmail, etc.)? (link)

We do not provide copies of the address list for two primary reasons. 1 - it becomes a nightmare to troubleshoot issues as more and more out-of-date address lists are in use, 2 - if a machine holding these addresses gets infected with a virus that uses or collects addresses then our whole address list would be compromised.

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