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How do I export a test or evaluation in Sakai from one course and import it to another? (link)

There are three ways to move a quiz from one Sakai site to another. Here are the three methods:

Method #1


  1. Activate the Tests & Quizzes tool in the destination Sakai site.
    (Site Info > Edit Tools > check the box next to "Tests & Quizzes" > Continue > Finish.)
  2. In the old site, go into Tests & Quizzes.
  3. Below the title of the test you want to export, click on the link that says "Export".
  4. In the next screen, make sure that Content Packaging is selected.
  5. Click the Export button.
  6. Click Download.
  7. A browser window will open up with a page full of xml code. Don't worry, that's supposed to happen.
  8. In that window, go to File>Save As and save the file to your desktop. It should be named "exportAssessment.xml" That's fine, no need to change the title unless you want to add, "exportAssessmentChem106.xml" for example.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Go into the destination course.
  11. Tests & Quizzes > Assessments
  12. Click on the Import button
  13. Browse to the exportAssessment.xml file and click Open.
  14. Click Import. Depending on the size of the file, this might take a minute.
  15.  You should now see the imported test listed under Assessments.


Method #2 (this method will bring in ALL Tests and Quizzes from an old site)

  1. Activate the Tests & Quizzes tool in the destination Sakai site.
    (Site Info > Edit Tools > check the box next to "Tests & Quizzes" > Continue > Finish.)
  2. In the destination site, go to Site Info > Click on Import from Site > Select "I want to merge my data"
  3. Select the old course that has the test, quiz or survey you want to copy.
  4. Check the box next to Tests & Quizzes.
  5. Click on Import > Finish > Continue
  6. Click on Tests & Quizzes in the left side menu to verify that the test, quiz or survey was merged into the site.

Method #3 (This method creates a question pool that you can access in any of your course sites.)

  1. In the course site that has the assessment you want to copy, go to Tests & Quizzes.
  2. Click on Question Pools
  3. Choose Add New Pool.
  4. Fill in the Pool Name field and Save
  5. Click on Assessments.
  6. Click on the name of the Assessment that has the questions you want. You should now see the contents of the assessment.
  7. For each part in the assessment, on the right-side menu, click on Copy to Pool.
  8. Click on the name of the pool you created for these questions.
  9. Now, in the destination site, Create a new assessment. (Tests & Quizzes > Assessments > Fill in the Title field, and click on Create.)
  10. In the Add Question drop-down box, select Copy from Question Pool.
  11. Click on the name of the pool that has the questions you want.
  12. Check the Copy? checkbox on the right side for every question you want to copy to the new assessment.
  13. Click Copy at the bottom of the screen.



Applies To: Faculty

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Why is my Sakai assessment (course evaluation, test, survey) not showing up? (link)

Check your Delivery Dates and the time of day. 

Sakai allows you to set both the date and the time-- down to the second-- when your assessment will become available. Because it uses by default the time that you publish the assessment, you might find that the time is later than you expected. 


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How do I remove a student from a course in Sakai? (link)

To remove a student from a class:

  1. Go to Site Info and scroll down to the list of enrollees
  2. Check the box next to his/her name
  3. Check the Remove checkbox
  4. Click Update Participants
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Students in a course cannot see the Sakai site. (link)

The professor needs to publish the course.

In the course site within Sakai:

  1. In the upper left corner of the screen, click on the (Publish Site) button

You can also publish the site this way:

  1. Go to Site Info
  2. Manage Access
  3. Publish Site
  4. Update
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How do I publish my Sakai course site? (link)

By default, Sakai course sites are unpublished, which means that students will not be able to access a site until it is published by the instructor. 

To publish your site, click on Site Info, then Manage Access. Tick the box next to "Publish Site." Now click Update. 


Applies To: Faculty

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How do I print my Sakai evaluation? (link)

If you need to print out your results from a Sakai evaluation from Tests & Quizzes, here is how to do it.

1. Click on Tests & Quizzes ana navigate to Published Assessments tab.
2. Choose “Scores” from Select Action button next to evaluation
3. Choose “Statistics” from gray top menu; this opens Sakai’s report panel
4. Right click in report frame and select “This Frame -> Print Frame…” This will print out the entire report.
5. You can also export results to an Excel spreadsheet. Choose “Export” from top gray menu to do this.
6. In the exported file, individual students are listed by row. Questions are listed by column.

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How do I reuse content from a previous course in Sakai? (link)

In the new site:

  1. Go to Site Info
  2. Click on Import from Site
  3. Select the course that contains the content you want to import
  4. Click on the content areas you want to bring over (eg, Tests & Quizzes, Resources)
  5. Click Continue, then Finished.

Applies To: Faculty

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Is there a way to merge the participants from other sections into one Sakai course site? (link)

Go to Site Info > Import from Site, then choose the third option, which is "I would like to merge my user(s)".

In the next screen, check the box of the site that contains the students you want to import.

If you log into Sakai, enter the "Sakai Help at W&L" site, click on "Tegrity Screencasts", there is a screencast that shows this process titled "Merging Enrollments".


Applies To: Faculty

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How do I re-use content (merge data) from a previous course in Sakai? (link)
  1. In the destination site, click on Site Info.
  2. Click Import from Site.
  3. Click I would like to merge my data
  4. Check the box next to the course that has the content you want to copy.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Choose the appropriate content area (Announcements, Assignments, Resources)
  7. Click Finish

All of the content from that particular area will now reside in the destination site. Note that in order to import content into a particular area, that area must be added as a tool into the destination site. For example, if you'd like to import a quiz into the destination site, the Tests & Quizzes tool must be added to the destination site for it to appear.

Applies To: Faculty

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What do I do when I get a Sakai Site Notification? (link)

1. Open   WLU Sakai : https://sakai.wlu.edu

2. Click the Login button.

3. Type your guest account login and password, and click Login.

4. Go to the site, click on the site tab. (You will see two or more tabs in a row across the upper part of the screen.)

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How do I add a student to a class in Sakai? (link)

To add a student:

  1. Go to the course site in Sakai
  2. Go to Site Info > Add Participants
  3. In the top box, add the student's username, eg SmithJ16 (Do not use the complete email address; only the username)
  4. Continue
  5. Select Student
  6. Continue
  7. Select Send Now if you want the student to receive an email notification that she/he has been added to the site; otherwise select Don't Send
  8. Continue
  9. Finish
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How do I add a tool to a Sakai site? (link)

In the Sakai site, go to:

  1. Site Info
  2. Edit Tools
  3. Select the checkbox by the desired tool(s)
  4. Continue
  5. Finish
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Who should I contact for Sakai help? (link)

Contact the Information Desk in Leyburn Library at extension 4357 for basic Sakai questions.

For more in-depth Sakai questions or for training on any of the tools in Sakai please submit a request to help@wlu.edu with the details.

Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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How to move folders from one Sakai site to another (link)

1.Find the folder you want to move (in the Resources area of the course)

2.      From the Actions menu choose Move.

3.      Click on the “Show other sites” link in the bottom gray bar.

4.      Choose “Paste moved items” from the Action dropdown menu next to the folder where you’d to move the items.

5.      You can also click on the plus sign next to a folder to drill down into that folder and choose a folder within that folder.

Applies To: Faculty, Students

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Can I add people outside of Washington and Lee to my Sakai site, and if so, how? (link)

Yes you can. In the course site, go to Site Info > Add Participants.

Outside participants need to be added to the second box "Non-official Particpants". Enter the full email address of the participant and that person will be sent an e-mail with their username (full email address) and password (generated by Sakai.)

Applies To: Faculty

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How do I copy or move links from one site to another in Sakai? (link)

1.     If that is the folder you want, you can move it or copy it to the new location by going to the Resources section, check the checkbox next to the folder name, and choose Copy or Move from the Actions menu.

2.     After you’ve clicked on Copy or Move, you need to select the “Show Other Sites” link at the bottom of the screen.

3.     Browse to the site where you’d like to copy or move your folder.  Click the checkbox next to the folder where you want the links folder to go (Probably the top level Resources folder) and select Paste Copied Items from the Actions Menu.

See the screen shots in the Resources Document



Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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How do I use Sakai discussion forum to have weekly general discussions? (link)

Add the forum tool
Create a forum which students don't see
Add topics which students do see
Check by clicking drop done view as 'student'
You will see what they will see live

Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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I added a student, faculty or staff member to my Sakai site, but when she/he logs in, the site is not there. Why is that? (link)

When you add a W&L student, faculty or staff member to a Sakai site (Site Info > Add Participants) add the USERNAME ONLY in the top box for Official Participants. If you use the entire e-mail address, Sakai creates a guest account instead of using the regular account that's already there, so the regular account won't see the website.

Please call the Information desk at extension 4357 if you still need assistance.

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How do I move or copy multiple files or folders all at the same time between sites in Sakai? (link)

You can move or copy multiple files all at once:


1.      Go to the Resources area of the course with the files that you want to move or copy.

2.      To the left of each folder and file is a checkbox. Check the checkbox for every file you want to move.

3.      Look at the top of the list, just above the top gray bar. You should see 3 links: Copy, Remove and Move.

4.      Click on the Move or Copy link.

5.      Click on the Show Other Sites link.

6.      Select the appropriate folder from the list.

Applies To: Faculty, Students

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Can I access Sakai on my smart phone? (link)
You can check updates to your Sakai sites on your smart phone! Just 
go to http://sakai.wlu.edu/portal/pda and log in. This interface 
makes it much easier to check on your classes when you're not at 
your computer.

Applies To: Faculty, Students

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How do I use Sakai discussion forum to have students post papers and three students leave comments? (link)

Add the discussion forum tool to the site.

Allow new threads and allow attachments.

Have the students create a thread, post their assignments as attachments and then have three other students post replies to those threads. If a student goes in and sees that a particular paper already has three replies, then she or he needs to look at another paper. I don’t think there’s a way you can enforce this automatically, you just have to tell the students to pay attention.


If you look at the times submitted for the replies, you’ll be able to see who did the first three replies.


Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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I added a NON-W&L person to my Sakai site and that person logs in but doesn't see the site. What is the cause? (link)

There are two possible causes:

1. Make sure that you have published the site. (Site Info > Manage Access > Publish Site)

2. Add the participant to the site as a NON-OFFICIAL site participant. In the course site, go to Site Info > Add Participants and add the user's full e-mail address in the SECOND box for NON-OFFICIAL participants.

Applies To: Faculty

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How do I export grades from the Sakai gradebook so that I can look at them in Excel? (link)

In the Sakai site:

1. Go to Gradebook

2. All grades (it's in the light gray bar near the top of the screen)

3. Export Gradebook (a button to the right of the screen)

Applies To: Faculty

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How do I upload a poster into Sakai? (link)

To upload an poster to Sakai: 


Go to "My Workspace" 

Select "Membership"

Select "Poster Printing Drop Box"

Go to the folder with your name and click "Add" and "Upload Files.")

Contact Brandon (bucyb@wlu.edu) or Elizabeth (teaffe@wlu.edu) for questions.                     

Thanks, eat

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In Sakai, what is the preferred browser for Macintosh users? (link)

Macintosh users should always use the (Mozilla) Firefox browser when working in Sakai.

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How do I send an e-mail attachment with the Tegrity link out of Sakai to a trusted viewer? (link)

Open up the Tegrity link from Sakai
Open the Session List and click the session you want to send
At the bottom you will see an Actions drop down menu (if not maximize the window)
Under Class Actions Click Get Class Link

Note ** UNCHECK the "Do not allow anonymous user ..." box
If you don’t the user will HAVE to log into Sakai

Copy the URL and send via e-mail to TRUSTED user


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How do I e-mail the students in my class? (link)
  1. You can use the Course Distribution Lists that are available in the Global Address List (GAL) in Outlook or Entourage. The courses are listed alphabetically by discipline. The format is Chem 106_01 Spring 2009-10.
  2. In Sakai, you can use the Announcements tool to send e-mails. Choose High Priority to send e-mail to all participants of the site.
  3. In Sakai, use the EMail Archive tool. You will have to add the EMail Archive tool in the Site Info > Edit Tools screen.
  4. In Sakai, use the Mailtool too. You will have to add the Mailtool tool in the Site Info > Edit Tools screen. Note: The Mailtool has been deprecated by the Sakai Foundation. The tool is no longer supported and may not be included in future releases.
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What is Sakai? (link)

Sakai is the LMS (Learning Management System) at Washington and Lee University. The web address is http://sakai.wlu.edu

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Why can't I see a Sakai site that I used to be able to see? (link)

Once you've logged into Sakai, click on the More Sites tab. Classes that might have been listed in the tabs across the top previously might show now only under the More Sites tab.

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I want to use a blog for a course; what do you recommend? (link)
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How do I use course distribution lists in Outlook? (link)
Lists are created at the beginning of each term, and are available in the Outlook address book. Search for them as you would any name. Courses are listed alphabetically, by discipline.
So, for instance, if looking for a Philosophy course distribution list using the Outlook client, type "Phil" in the "To" line, then click the "Check Names" button (or press Ctrl-K). Scroll until you find the Philosophy courses.
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How do I create a project site in Sakai? (link)

In Sakai:

  1. Go to the My Workspace tab.
  2. Click on Worksite Setup.
  3. Click New.
  4. Choose Project Site (not Portfolio Site)
  5. Click Continue
  6. Give your site a title.
  7. Click Continue
  8. Choose the tools that you would like to use in your project site.
  9. Click Continue twice
  10. Click Create Site
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Which classrooms have Tegrity (course capture) installations? (link)
Audio Only Static Camera Tracking Camera
Newcomb 120 Leyburn M47

du Pont 102

Parmly 306 Reid 215 Huntley 301
Parmly 307   Newcomb 116
Science Addition G16   Newcomb 122
Payne Hall 212   Science Addition 214
    Science Addition G14
    Payne Hall 201
    Wilson 2018

**Audio-only installations can be done upon request for professors who will be teaching in a space for the semester. Please allow one week lead time for installation.








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Can my course have a web site for the term? (link)

Yes.  Within every course folder on the L: drive, there is a "public_html" folder that is automatically created.  Create your course content there and the URL to the site will be accessible from http://Courses.wlu.edu

Applies To: Faculty

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How do I import my class schedule into Outlook using the Outlook client? (link)

How to import your class schedule into Outlook 2007

1- Go to http://webadvisor.wlu.edu in your web browser.

2- Click on Log In and then enter your username and password; click submit.

3- Select the appropriate category: Students or Faculty

4- Select "Outlook Class Schedule Import"

5- You should receive a file in .ics format in your Outlook Inbox. The sender will be "Registrar"

6- Open the message in a separate window by double-clicking on it.

7- Right-click on the attachment and choose "Open", or skip to step 12.

8- Outlook will prompt you to add the calendar to Outlook.

9- Click "Yes".

10- The calendar will now be available in Outlook, and it will be named as your username. Right-click on the calendar name and rename it to the course and section number.

11- There should be a checkbox next to the calendar name in the left-side menu. Uncheck the box when you don't want it to display; check it when you do.

12-It has been pointed out that the search assistant will not see this separate calendar when trying to schedule a meeting.  If you want the search assistant to work, you will have to import into your primary calendar.  Continue reading for how to do this.

13- Open you email message, right click the attached file, and "Save as..." to a folder you can access.

14- Go into Outlook, click on the "File" dropdown menu, and select "Import an iCalendar (.ics) ...".  Then browse to and select the emailed file that you saved in the previous step.

15- When asked "Do you want to open this calendar as a new calendar or import its items into your calendar", select "Import".

16- The imported class schedule will now be part of your primary calendar.

Applies To: Faculty, Students

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Where can a student look for a lost file opened from Sakai? (lost file,attachment) (link)

1. Open Internet Explorer.

2. Go up to the gear menu in the upper right and select "Internet Options".

3. On the first page, you'll see a subheading named "Browsing history" and two buttons--hit "Settings".

4. In the new window that pops up, select "View Files" and a file window will open up. There, you can sort by name or size or type (although the name will likely be meaningless, just look for a file of the right type that was edited at or near the right time.

5. DO NOT double-click the file--it will try to open it up from the web, not where you saved it, and may corrupt what you have saved. Select the right file or files, and copy them to the desktop (either drag-and-drop or Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V). There you can open it and resave it properly with the right name.

Applies To: Students

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How can I find out if a course is offered this term or where can I find a list of courses offered at Washington and Lee (WebAdvisor)? (link)
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Applies To: Students

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How can a professor re-gain access to a previous term's course folder structure on the "L: drive" (mfsacad1/acadshared)? (link)
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Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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Can I get an exported list of all contacts at W&L that I can import into my personal address book in another mail client (Thunderbird, Gmail, etc.)? (link)

We do not provide copies of the address list for two primary reasons. 1 - it becomes a nightmare to troubleshoot issues as more and more out-of-date address lists are in use, 2 - if a machine holding these addresses gets infected with a virus that uses or collects addresses then our whole address list would be compromised.

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How does an administrative assistant access and use Datatel to find course and student information in order to support their department and its faculty members? (link)

If you need access to Colleague, please go to https://managementtools.wlu.edu/AccessRequest/ and request an account. Once the proper approvals are granted, an account will be set up for you. Accounts are set up on an individual basis and they should not be shared with anyone. In most cases, when dealing with course and student information, the Registrar’s office will provide some level of training or guidance on how to access the data you require.



If you already have access to Colleague but cannot remember your login information or have issues accessing the system, go to http://webhelpdesk.wlu.edu and create a ticket under the category of Administrative Data – Colleague Issues/Requests. Once submitted, the ticket will be automatically routed to the appropriate person who can help you resolve problems.

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