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How do I make my PowerPoint 2007 slide show continuously loop? (link)

To loop a PowerPoint Slide Show in PowerPoint 2007

  1. Click the Slide Show tab at the top
  2. Click the Set Up Slide Show button.
  3. When the Slide Show dialog box opens, look under the Show options section and check the box beside Loop continuously until 'Esc'
  4. Click OK.
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How do I add notes to a slide in PowerPoint 2007? (link)

Left click VIEW at the top and select Normal. You need to be in normal view to add notes


1. Move to the slide in which you want to add notes.

2. Look at the bottom for the words “click to add notes”

     Click and drag the notes pane border up for more viewable area

3. Click in the “click to add notes” text box.

4. Enter the notes

5. Press Enter to create new paragraphs if needed.


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How do you change the background color of a slide in PowerPoint 2007? (link)

In PowerPoint 2007, right-click on the background area of the slide, choose Format Background, click on the icon with the paint bucket and pick a delightful color.

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How do I print slide notes in PowerPoint 2007? (link)

1. Choose the print command from the Office button menu.

2. In the “Print What” list box choose the “Notes Pages” option.

3. Select the “Print Hidden Slides” check box to print note pages for

    hidden slides if you have hidden slides

4. Click OK or press Enter.

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How do I create a PowerPoint 2007 presentation? (link)

After watching this 5 minute video from Microsoft Online, you’ll be creating your first PowerPoint 2007 presentation.


Microsoft video

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How do I convert an old presentation to PowerPoint 2007? (link)

1.  Open the presentation

2.  Click the Office button and choose convert on the drop-down list.

     A dialogue box appears to let you know what a conversion is.

3.  Click OK.

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How do I spell check in PowerPoint 2007? (link)

1.       Open a PowerPoint presentation

2.       Click Review in the ribbon

3.       Click spelling to open the spelling dialog box

    (it’s very similar to spell check in MS word.)

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How do I animate text or an object in PowerPoint 2007? (link)

In Office PowerPoint 2007, animate text or an object by doing the following:

  1. Select the text or object that you wish to animate.
  2. On the Animations tab at the top, in the Animations group, select the animation effect that you want from the Animate list.

 To apply a custom animation do the following:

  1. Select the text or object that you want to animate.
  2. On the Animations tab, in the Animations group, click Custom Animation.
  3. In the Custom Animation task pane, click Add Effect, and then do one or more of the following:
    • To make the text or object enter with an effect, point to Entrance, and then click an effect.
    • To add an effect, such as a spin effect, to text or an object that is already visible on the slide, point to Emphasis, and then click an effect.
    • To add an effect that makes text or an object leave the slide at some point, point to Exit, and then click an effect.
    • To add an effect that makes text or an object move in a specified pattern, point to Motion Paths, and then click a path.
  4. To specify how the effect is applied to your text or object, right-click the custom animation effect in the Custom Animation list, and then click Effect Options on the shortcut menu.
  5. Do one of the following:
    • To specify settings for text, on the Effect, Timing, and Text Animation tabs, click the options that you want to use to animate the text.
    • To specify settings for an object, on the Effect and Timing tabs, click the options that you want to use to animate the object.

** Effects appear in the Custom Animation list in the order that you add them.

To test your animation: at the bottom of the Custom Animation task pane, click Play


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How do I add transitions between slides in PowerPoint 2007? (link)

In Office PowerPoint 2007, add transitions to slides by doing the following:

  1. On the left side of the slide window, in the pane that contains the Outline and Slides tabs, click the Slides tab.
  2. Select the slide thumbnail of the first slide in the presentation.
  3. Click On the Animations tab at the top, then look for the the Transition To This Slide group, click a slide transition effect that you like.

    To see more transition effects, in the Quick Styles list, scroll down.There are several to choose from.

  4. To change the slide transition speed between the current slide and the next slide, in the Transition To This Slide group, click the arrow next to Transition Speed, and then select the speed that you like.
  5. In the Transition To This Slide group, click Apply to All.
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How do I save my PowerPoint 2007 presentation to a CD? (link)

Here's a link to a great little 1 minute vidoe from Brainstorm Inc. that explains it all.

Microsoft video on saving presentations in PowerPoint 2007




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How do I make all of my pictures fill the slides in PowerPoint 2007. (link)

In PowerPoint 2007 , click insert, then click on PhotoAlbum, click insert picture from file/disk, browse to the folder with your pictures, hold the control key and select the pictures you want in your presentation then press insert, under album layout: be sure that "Fit to Slide" is checked, then click Create! If some of your pictures have been cropped and don't fit the slide exactly, you can manually select the individual slide image and manually pull the edges out.

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How do you apply a theme to a PowerPoint 2007 presentation? (link)

To apply a theme:


1.  Open or create a new presentation in PowerPoint

2.  In the Ribbon / Toolbar, click the Design tab.  In the Themes group, choose  your desired theme.  Hover your mouse over any theme to get a preview. Themes will affect the formatting of colors and fonts of your slides

3.  To see more themes, click the More button.

4.  When you apply a theme to a single blank slide in a new presentation, the theme for a title slide is applied.  Add additional slides by clicking the Home tab in the Ribbon/Toolbar.

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How do you draw a line or a shape in PowerPoint 2007? (link)

1.  Create a new blank slide or use an existing slide

2.  Click the Insert tab on the toolbar / ribbon

3.  Click the Shapes drop-down arrow to select shapes or type of line

4.  Select a line style from the Lines group

5.  Click the cursor on the slide or page you want to add the line or shape hold the mouse button down and drag the mouse to create the line or shape

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How do I compress pictures in Powerpoint? (link)

1.  Click the picture that you want to change the resolution (the fineness of detail in an image or text produced by a monitor or printer) for. 

2.  Under Picture Tools, on the Format tab, in the Adjust group, click Compress Pictures.  (CHECK RELATED RESOURCES FOR SCREEN SHOT)

Note   If you do not see the PictureTools and Format tabs, make sure that you selected a picture. You may have to double-click the picture to select it and open the Format tab. If you see the Drawing Tools tab, rather than the Picture Tools tab, see When I click a picture, the Drawing Tools tab rather than the Picture Tools tab appears.

3. To change the resolution for the selected picture only and not all of the pictures in the document, select the Apply to selected pictures only check box.

4. Click Options, and then under Target Output, click the resolution that you want. (CHECK RELATED RESOURCES FOR SCREEN SHOT)

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How do I have PowerPoint audio across all my slides? (link)
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How do I organize, rearrange, or change the order of my slides in PowerPoint 2007? (link)

1.   In a PowerPoint presentation, click View (at the top of your screen in the middle) and then click the Slide Sorter button (at the top left of your screen).

2.   Under the View tab click Zoom to open the Zoom dialog box and then select an amount to zoom to, 100% is the highest.

3.   Click a slide thumbnail and drag it to a location between two slides.  When you move the slide between two slides or to the far right or far left of a slide on a row, you’ll see a vertical line.  Once you release the mouse button, the slide will simply drop into the location of the vertical line.

4.   Click Normal view (top left of your screen) to return to the normal slide view.


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How do I play sounds with animations in PowerPoint 2010? (link)

Log into Atomic Learning and under PowerPoint 2010 Advanced click on Section G Animation Effects and Transitions.

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How do I insert sound files in my PowerPoint 2010 presentation? (link)

Log into Atomic Learning and under PowerPoint 2010 Advanced click on Section E Adding Audio.

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How do I add a QuickTime video (.mov, .mp4) to my Power Point 2010 presentation? (link)

With PowerPoint 2010, when you have the QuickTime player installed on your computer, you can insert an Apple QuickTime movie (.mov, .mp4) file.

The PowerPoint 2010 64-bit version is not compatible with 32-bit versions of QuickTime or Flash. You must install a 64-bit version of QuickTime or Flash, or a 32-bit version of PowerPoint 2010.

To embed or link to a QuickTime video from your PowerPoint presentation, see Embed a video in your presentation.

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Inking in PowerPoint 2007's Presenter View to Display Results on the Projector (Problem: How to stop slides from advancing when inking during a presentation) (link)

On PowerPoint 2007, Presenter View is an option under the Slide Show menu. Check the "Use Presenter View" box to enable it.

Presenter View expects your computer to be connected to a projector (or external monitor) where the projector is enabled as an extended desktop. This mode doesn't work if the external display mirrors the laptop display. When giving a presentation, the laptop/tablet's screen shows a small window of the slide content, navigation controls, and notes. The external or projected screen shows the full slide without the notes or navigation.

Enabled in PowerPoint 2007 is a button to ink on the current slide and have the results displayed on the external projector. However, when I tried this it kept advancing to the next slide after inking a stroke. I finally figured out how to work around this problem - select all the slides under "Animations", and disable "On Mouse Click" under "Advance Slide." Of course you can no longer click to advance, but that's not relevant when you have the navigation controls of Presenter View. One other hint: I have to click "apply to all slides" after unchecking "advance on mouse click" in order to get it to stop.

Unfortunately, Presenter View doesn't show mouse movements, so I would have to actually highlight the thing I'm referring to or draw a line to it or something.


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How do I reserve a projector and projector screen for a presentation? (link)
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Applies To: Faculty, Staff, Students

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How do I fix MS Word 2007 crashes? (link)
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Can I show a movie in the Stackhouse Theater? (link)

You can show your movie in the theater provided you pay the licensing fees.  There are exceptions.  For more information on licensing, click here.  Contact the Elrod Commons building coordinator at ext. 5000 for more information on how to set up the event.

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What is included with the Office 2007? (link)

Microsoft Office 2007 includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access.


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How do I remove someone from my shared (Outlook 2007) calendar? (link)

In Outlook 2007 you need to click on calendar to activate your calendar.
Right click on the calendar you were sharing and Change Sharing.
Click the name you want to remove and click remove.  Repeat if you share will multiple people.

Be aware that this is a calendar by calendar corrrection if you have multiple calendars.

Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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How do I create and print an envelope in Word 2007? (link)

To Create an envelope:

From the Ribbon, select the Mailings tab.
In the Create section, select the Envelopes button.
Under the Envelopes tab, enter the information for the Delivery address.
Enter the information for the Return adress if necessary.
Click Print to print your envelope.

Print will send your envelope to your default printer.
If you have a laser jet the bypass tray will have a diagram of how to place your envelope.
If you have a BizHub the envelope is loaded in the bypass tray with the side to be printed on facing down and the top towards you.

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Which machines have the Office 2007 Suite? (link)

The Office 2007 Suite is located on the American Paint and the American Saddlebred, and the Morgan images in the Stable.

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How do I copy an Outlook 2007 Calendar into SharePoint? (link)
  1. Create the new calendar in sharepoint, and link it to your Outlook
  2. Open the source Outlook calendar (either from exchange or as a PST, however you have it).
  3. Go to folder view and open the source calendar
  4. With the source calendar open, go to view menu, current view, and select all appointments.
  5. Hit CTRL-A to select all the appointments, or just get the ones you want.
  6. Drag-and-drop the selected calendar Items to the linked sharepoint calendar
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How do I turn off desk top alerts using Outlook 2007? (link)


Turn Off Alerts

1. On the Tools menu, click Options.

2. On the Preferences tab, click E-mail Options, and then click Advanced E-mail Options.

3. Under When new items arrive in my Inbox, clear the Display a New Mail Desktop Alert (default Inbox only) check box.

Note To suppress other notifications such as playing sounds, changing the mouse pointer, or displaying an envelope icon in the notification area, clear the Play a sound, Briefly change the mouse cursor, or Show an envelope icon in the notification area check box, respectively.


Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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How to share a distribution list in Outlook 2007 (link)

There are two ways to share a Distribution List in Outlook 2007:


1.       Open the Distribution List.

2.       Right-click on the name of the distribution list.

3.       Click on Send Full Contact.

4.    Choose In Outlook Format



1.       Open the distribution list.

2.       In the menu across the top, choose Send > In Outlook Format.



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Can I show presentations with LifeSize Passport video conferencing? (link)

No. This video conferencing unit is designed for simple point-to-point exchange of what the camera sees and the microphone hears. Even though some video conferencing systems allow for the incorporation of presentations from a computer, the Passport does not.

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How can I show a file directory listing in a folder on my web site? (link)

Open the folder in which you wish to enable file listing.  Create a file named "access.www".  Open that file in notepad or wordpad and paste in the following text and then save:

                        Options +Indexes

                        IndexIgnore *.www

                        IndexOptions FancyIndexing

                        IndexOptions FoldersFirst

                        IndexOptions IgnoreCase

                        IndexOptions NameWidth=*

                        IndexOptions ShowForbidden

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Fix to MOSS 2007 and Office 2010 problem? (link)
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