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How do I manage my Majordomo list? (link)


Mail the following commands to "majordomo@wlu.edu".
The Subject is ignored by majordomo.
Arguments in the []'s are optional. Arguments in italics should be replaced by the actual values.

Instructions For List Users

  • subscribe listname [address]
        Subscribe yourself (or address if specified) to the named listname.   
  • unsubscribe listname [address]
        Unsubscribe yourself (or address if specified) from the named listname.   
  • get listname filename
        Get a file related to listname.   
  • index listname
        Return an index of files you can "get" for listname.   
  • which [address]
        Find out which lists you (or address if specified) are on.   
  • who listname
        Find out who is on the named listname.   
  • info listname
        Retrieve the general introductory information for the named listname.   
  • lists
        Show the lists served by this Majordomo server.   
  • help
        Retrieve help information.   
  • end
        Stop processing commands (useful if your mailer adds a signature).

    Instructions For List Owners

  • approve password subscribe listname address
        subscribes the address given to the named list.   
  • approve password unsubscribe listname address
        unsubscribes the address given to the named list.   
  • newinfo listname password
        changes the information a user retrieves with the "info" command; readers
        automatically get the information when they subscribe as well.   
  • config listname password
        Majordomo sends you a copy of your current list configuration file.   
  • newconfig listname password
        changes your list configuration file.   
  • writeconfig listname password
        replaces your list configuration file with the default list configuration file.   
  • passwd listname password newpassword
        changes your password to the new password you give
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    How do I manage Attachments using RightFax? (link)

    This table lists the cover sheet, files, and library documents that comprise your document. Using the Control buttons, you can delete or reorder the attachments as you like.

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    How can I add addresses to my personal contacts list from the Global Address List (GAL)? (link)

    1. Open the Global Address List (GAL) by clicking the address book button(looks like a little open book)

    2. Search the GAL for the user

    3. Highlight the user> right click> click 'Add to Contacts'>

    4. At this point you can either click 'Save & Close' and then manually move the contact from your default Contacts address book to your custom book OR you can select the Microsoft icon (top left) select 'Move'>'Copy to Folder'>select your custom address book folder>click OK>close the contact window without saving.

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    How do I delete items from the AutoComplete list in Outlook? (link)

    1. Begin typing the name you wish to remove from the AutoComplete list.

    2. Select the unwanted name by using the UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW key.

    3. Press DELETE.

    Note: When you type the first letter of a name in the To, CC, and BCC boxes, AutoComplete begins to suggest possible matches based on names of whom you have sent an item to before.

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    How do I create a phonemail distribution list? (link)

    PhoneMail allow you to send a single message to a list of extensions through the Pesonal Distribution List feature. You are limited to 10 extensions per Distribution List and you may have up to 5 different lists. Use the following instructions to create a Distribution List and to send a message.

    Access your PhoneMail box Press 9 (mailbox options) Press 1 (distribution lists) Press 1 (create) (PhoneMail will assign a D-List number) When prompted, enter the extension of the first person you want on the list and press # Repeat previous step for other entries (up to 10) Press # when you complete your entries Hang up

    Be sure to write down the number of your distrubtion list along with the extensions included in that list.

    To send a Message to a Distribution List(s): Access your PhoneMail box Press 1 (record) When prompted, record your message then press * #. Dial the D-List number and press # Repeat previous step for additional D-Lists Press # when done.

    Applies To: Students

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    How do I Add/Manage Phonebook entries in RightFax? (link)

    Adding Phonebook Entries

    The RightFax Web Client lets you create a personal phonebook of fax and e-mail addresses. You can add both individual entries and group entries that let you easily send one document to multiple recipients. Phonebook entries can be private or published. Private phonebook entries can be viewed only by you. Published phonebook entries can be viewed by any other RightFax user on the network.

    To Create an Individual or Group Phonebook Entry

    1. From the Web Client folder view, click the New Fax button. The Create/Edit Document page opens.
    2. Under Primary Information, click the Phonebook Search button.
    3. Click the New Entry button to create an individual phonebook entry or the New Group button to create a group entry.
    4. Enter a name for the entry in the ID box, and check the Published option if you want this phonebook entry to be available to other users on your network.
    5. If you are creating an individual entry, complete the addressing boxes. All boxes are optional but you must enter at least one fax number or e-mail address. If you are creating a group entry, type the phonebook IDs you want in the Members box, and press ENTER between each ID you add. Group phonebook entries can only be made from existing phonebook IDs. If you want to add a new fax or e-mail address to a group phonebook entry, you must first make it an individual phonebook entry.
    6. When you have completed the addressing information or added all the phonebook IDs you want, click the Save button. The new entry will be immediately added to your personal phonebook.

    To Select an Address from Your Phonebook

    1. Under Primary Information, click the Phonebook Search button to display all the entries in your personal RightFax phonebook. You can select one phonebook entry per document. If you select a group phonebook entry, the document will be sent to all members of that group.
    2. Click the check mark next to the entry to which you want to send the document. This returns you to the Create/Edit Document page with the recipient's addressing information entered under Primary Information. If you selected a group phonebook entry, the phonebook ID will appear in the Name field.
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    How do I add text to the AutoCorrect list in Outlook? (link)
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    What is the maxium size of a distribution list in Outlook? (link)

    The maximum number of names that you can include in a distribution list depends on the size of the contact files (for each contact) themselves. There are no hard and fast rules but in general, a distribution list can contain between 50-70 names and e-mail addresses.

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    How do I edit the information of the members of a distribution list? (link)

    You cannot edit the information of members of a distribution list, but there is a workaround:

    In Outlook on a PC:

    1. Click on Contacts
    2. Click the New button to create a new Contact
    3. Fill out the Contact information
    4. Click on Save to save the contact
    5. In the File menu, choose File > New > Folder
    6. Name the folder (My Study Abroad Students, for example)
    7. This folder should now appear in the left menu at the very top under "My Contacts"
    8. Now you can click and drag the newly created contact into the folder.
    9. Repeat these steps for all the Contacts you want to add to the folder


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    Where can I find a list of classroom spaces at W&L? (link)

    The Registrar's office maintains a list of classroom spaces here: https://managementtools3.wlu.edu/CourseOfferings/pages/Page6.aspx

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    How to share a distribution list in Outlook 2010. (link)

    1. Open the distribution list (double-click on the list.)

    2. Click on Forward Group.

    3. Choose As an Outlook Contact.

    4. Send the email to the recipient.

    For the recipient:

    1. Open the email.

    2. Click on the email attachment and drag it to the Contacts button on the left side of the Outlook window. Now when you look at your contacts, you should see the distribution list.

    Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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    How do I restore my deleted contacts or distribution list in Outlook? (link)

    Deleted contacts and distribution lists end up in the Deleted Items folder but the Deleted Items folder is normally sorted by the date the item was received. Because of this, deleted contacts and distribution lists are not easily found.

    To easily find the deleted contacts and distributions lists start by opening the Deleted Items folder. Point the mouse at the column header that says "Arrange By". Click on this column header if "Show in Groups" does not have a check mark by it then select it. Next click "Arrange By" again and select "Type". Now the items are sorted by type, and you can hide all of a given type by clicking the triangle icon at the left of the type name. When you hide the other types, it will be easy to find any deleted contacts. Click on the triangle icon at left of the Contacts header if you don't see the individual deleted contacts. Then find the lost one and drag it back into your Contacts folder.

    To return the Deleted Items folder to the default view click the "Arrange By" header and select "Date". Click again to disable "Show in Groups" if you would not liked them grouped.

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    How to share a distribution list in Outlook 2007 (link)

    There are two ways to share a Distribution List in Outlook 2007:

    METHOD #1:

    1.       Open the Distribution List.

    2.       Right-click on the name of the distribution list.

    3.       Click on Send Full Contact.

    4.    Choose In Outlook Format

    METHOD #2 :


    1.       Open the distribution list.

    2.       In the menu across the top, choose Send > In Outlook Format.



    Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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    SharePoint User Receives Multiple Notification/Alerts from a List (link)

    There may be multiple user notification/alerts registered for the list.  To delete the extra notifications:

    1. on the SharePoint site as an admin, select "Site Actions"
    2. select "Site Settings"
    3. under "Site Administration" select "User Alerts"
    4. select the user to check for duplicate noifications/alerts and select "Update"
    5. check the duplicate notifications/alerts
    6. select "Delete Selected Alerts"
    7. Re-select user to verify duplicate notifications/alerts are gone
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    How do I (Student) manager a distribution list I'm the owner of in Office365? (link)
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    Applies To: Students

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    Can I set up a Safe Senders list in the EOP spam filter? (link)

    Not initially.  The Safe Senders list can only be set up by enabling Automatic Email Filtering (Junk Folder) in Outlook Web Access (http://owa.wlu.edu) Once complete you can manage your safe senders list in Outlook 2010 and 2013.

    Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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    How can I find out if a course is offered this term or where can I find a list of courses offered at Washington and Lee (WebAdvisor)? (link)
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    Applies To: Students

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    Can I get an exported list of all contacts at W&L that I can import into my personal address book in another mail client (Thunderbird, Gmail, etc.)? (link)

    We do not provide copies of the address list for two primary reasons. 1 - it becomes a nightmare to troubleshoot issues as more and more out-of-date address lists are in use, 2 - if a machine holding these addresses gets infected with a virus that uses or collects addresses then our whole address list would be compromised.

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