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How do I search in JSTOR? (link)

The opening Advanced Search page presents 4 options for searching through the full text of all articles. You can change one or more these options to search through authors' names, words in article titles, words in article abstracts, or words in captions. To search for forms of a word, use an asterisk (*) to substitute for missing letters.
Example: modern* finds modern, modernism, moderns, modernistic, etc.
To find articles containing two or more words, connect the search terms with AND.
Example: terror* AND nationalis*
To search for a multi-word phrase, enclose search terms in quotation marks.
Example: "vernacular architecture"

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What is JSTOR? (link)

A digital archive of over 1,100 important scholarly journals. All issues of each journal are included in full-text except for the most recent 2-to-5 years, based on JSTOR's agreement with the journal's publisher.

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How do I print from JSTOR? (link)

First accept the terms and conditions.

Next view your "PDF"

Open and File/Print

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How are the results shown in JSTOR? (link)

The list of articles resulting from a search is displayed in order of relevance (the number of appearances and prominence of your search terms), but can be re-sorted by publication date.

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Who do I contact if I have questions about JSTOR? (link)

Librarian: Dick Grefe (540) 458-8648 grefed@wlu.edu

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How do I print from JSTOR from a MAC? (link)
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How do I search for sent items in Outlook? (link)

Click on your Sent Items folder.  Type in the subject of the e-mail or a recipient’s last name in the search window. If the item you are looking for in not in the list of results displayed click on the link "Try searching again in All Mail Items" at the bottom of the list.  The items you are searching for should now be in the list of items found.

Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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How are the results from a KnoWLedgebase search sorted? (link)

Your search phrase is compared to a list of trivial words, which are dropped.

The remaining words are compared to a list of key words, defined within the KB system.  They are also compared to the list of non-trivial words for each question in the KB database.

A score is calculated using the following equation:

score = 70% * (# matched key words from your search) / (total # key words for that KB question) + 30% * (# matched question words from your search) / (# non-trivial question words in that KB entry)

The matching KB entries are then displayed, sorted in the following order:

  1. score, descending
  2. # matched key words, descending
  3. # matched question words, descending


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Why is Advanced Search disabled in Outlook? (link)

The Windows Search service may be installed but disabled. 

To enable it:

  • Start > Computer > Manage > Services and Applications > Services
  • Locate the entry for "Windows Search"
  • Change "Startup Type" to "Automatic" > Apply


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Can I search my Outlook archived mail? (link)
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Why does Outlook say 'Windows Desktop Search' is not available when I see it in installed components? (link)
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My search for classes (student) in WebAdvisor is giving me an error message? (link)
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Applies To: Students

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How do you do an advanced search in Outlook 2011 on a Mac? (link)

Click in the ‘Search this folder’ at the top right and it will activate the Search ribbon

Click All Mail > Advanced  > Click on Items Contains and make your criteria selection

You can make multiple selections by clicking the plus sign on the right of your 1st line of criteria

See associated photo under Resources: Outlook 2011 Advanced Search

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I have lost my search field in Outlook 2011 on my Mac, what can I do? (link)

Click the button in the Toolbar Control Button in the top right to show it!

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