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How do I set up a dual monitor for the thin clients? (link)
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How do I set up my name using Phonemail? (link)


  1. Access your PhoneMail box
  2. Press 8 for Answering Options
  3. Press 4 to Record Name (RECORD FIRST AND LAST NAME ONLY)
  4. Press 1 to begin recording
  5. Press * # when done

Applies To: Faculty, Staff, Students

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What is a Thin Client? (link)

A Thin Client is a device similar to a PC but with fewer moving parts.  The operating system is usually secured to disallow users from making any permanent changes and often is configured to connect directly to a Virtual Desktop image.  A properly configured W&L Thin Client may be used as a personal desktop computer or in a lab/ classroom environment to access Virtual Desktop Images.

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How do I set up my account on a Kindle? (link)

1.    To begin using the Kindle, you will need to register it with your Amazon account. If you do not have an Amazon account, one can be easily created for free online. http://www.amazon.com/

2.     Use the 5-Way Control Knob to navigate the cursor to “Register” and click the control knob to select. Then type in your Amazon account email address and password to activate the device under your account and navigate down to “Select”. PLEASE BE SURE TO DEREGISTER THE DEVICE BEFORE RETURNING IT TO THE LIBRARY (see steps 6 and 7).

3.     In order to view items currently on the Kindle, hit the “Home” key and if the top of the screen does not say “Showing All ~ Items”, go to the top of the screen and navigate the cursor left to scroll between “Personal Documents” (PDFs, etc), “Subscriptions” (Newspapers, Magazines, and Blogs), “Books” (Amazon Kindle Books), and “All My Items” (All Items). Select the type of content you want, and browse.

4.     In order to put new content on the Kindle, you can either purchase and download content wirelessly from Amazon in the Kindle Store (accessed by hitting the “Menu” button and selecting “Shop in Kindle Store”), or you can add content directly by plugging it into your computer through the provided USB cable. Once you have plugged in the kindle to your computer, simply moved the desired files into the “Kindle” folder that will appear automatically under My Computer, and they will appear under “Personal Documents” on the Kindle.

5.     While viewing a document, flip between pages using the “Prev Page” and “Next Page” buttons. You can also using the “Aa” key on the keyboard to change the size of the font, screen rotation, and Text-to-Speech options.

6.     Before returning the Kindle, please check in “Personal Docs” (see step 2) to ensure that all of your documents have been deleted (navigate down to the document and press the directional knob to the left, then select delete, and confirm deletion) to ensure your items will not be left for future patrons.

7.     Before returning the Kindle, PLEASE BE SURE TO DEREGISTER THE DEVICE FROM YOUR AMAZON ACCOUNT. This is to ensure that no future patrons could accidentally access the Amazon Store through your account to purchase books or other content. Hit the “Menu” button, and scroll down to “Settings”. Once in the “Settings and Device Information” screen, navigate to and select “Deregister” and select “OK” in the following dialogue box.

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How do I set up a non-AD machine? (link)
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How do I set the region on a Macintosh computer? (link)

Assuming you're talking about the region for the DVD device, it's a difficult question to answer. The only real way to set it is to insert a disc into the optical drive and wait for the regional interface to appear, and then select your region. I do believe, however, that the region can only be changed so many times before it becomes locked in place. Alternatively, you can download a piece of software known as VLC Media Player, which ignores the region protocol and will allow you to play media from any region so long as you have it set to the default media player instead of Apple's DVD Player.

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How do I (student) set up my e-mail on my Blackberry? (link)

1.In the email setup application, on the Email Accounts screen, press the Menu key.

2. Click Add Email Account.

3. Click your email account type. (Other if you do not see exchange)
4. Type your email address and password. Click Next.
5. For most types of email addresses, click POP/IMAP (Most common).

Provide the advanced setup information for your email address.

Click Next.

Applies To: Students

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How do I set up delegates to send 'on behalf of' in Outlook? (link)


Outlook Delegates

There are major steps in order to use Outlook Delegates. The first is to select the user and add him as a delegate. You then must share your mailbox to that user.

  1. Go to File and choose Info
  2. Go to account settings and choose Delegate Access
  3. Delegates Tab and click Add
  4. Select the user who wish to grant access to and click Add and then Ok

Note: There are more options you can choose from once you select OK after adding that user. Nothing in the next window is necessary to grant send on behalf.

  1. When back at the main Outlook window, in the Folder List, choose your mailbox at the root level. This will appear as Mailbox – Full Name
  2. Right-click and choose Change Sharing Permissions
  3. Click the Add button
  4. Select the user who wish to grant access to and click Add and then Ok
  5. In the permissions section, you must grant the user at minimum, Non-editing Author.

A user wanting to send 'on behalf of' will need to a start new email, go to Options, Select the From item and search on the person that has allowed them delgate access.

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How to set up custom settings as default on BizHub? (link)
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How do I set up my own wireless router or wireless printer? (link)

Anything that broadcasts its own signal is an unauthorized extension of the W&L network, and is banned by the University's Acceptable Use Policy.

Some Macintosh computers have the capability of creating their own ad hoc wireless networks. Please disable this capability by taking the following steps:

  1. Go to "System Preferences"
  2. Click on "Sharing"
  3. In the left-hand pane, uncheck "Internet Sharing"


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How do I set up my Motorola phone for email? (link)
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How can I set up a GPS account for my parents (so they can put money in my account)? (link)
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How do I make my VDI desktop span my two (dual) monitors? (link)
  • Make the desktop image smaller (exit full-screen mode).
  • Drag the window so it splits both monitors.
  • Double click the title bar and it should detect both monitors and display on both.
  • It should remember you have dual monitors in the future and just go right to it.
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What are the setup credentials for Xenith thin client devices? (link)
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How do I set up my Faculty or Staff email account on my Android device? (link)

These instructions provide a general map for configuring your account. If your Android menues offer you different choices than those decribed below try to pick the closest match.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Choose "Accounts & Sync"
  3. Remove any non-functioning accounts
  4. Choose "Add Account"
  5. Choose "Exchange and Active Sync"
  6. Choose "Manual Setup"
  7. Enter your email address
  8. Enter "owa.wlu.edu" as your Server address
  9. Enter "ad" as your Domain
  10. Enter your username as "ad.wlu.edu\username" and password
  11. Check the  "This server requires an encrypted SSL connection." Box.
  12. Choose "Next"
  13. Select the items you wish to sync. 
  14. Choose "Finish Setup"
  15. At this point you will be asked to accept the security policy and set a PIN if you do not have one.

Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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Where are the Enterprise Vault Current Clients located? (link)
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How do we set up MyITLab IE settings for the public labs? (link)
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How do I get my laptop (PC) to project my monitor image on the screen when using a projector? (link)

Once you have the laptop and projector connected you might find you only see the monitor display or the screen.  On many Dell laptops you hold the Fn key and press F8 to cycle through the various monitor modes.One will be only your monitor, one only the projection, and one both monitor and projection.

Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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Can I set up a Safe Senders list in the EOP spam filter? (link)

Not initially.  The Safe Senders list can only be set up by enabling Automatic Email Filtering (Junk Folder) in Outlook Web Access (http://owa.wlu.edu) Once complete you can manage your safe senders list in Outlook 2010 and 2013.

Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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How to Set Envelope Font Defaults in Microsoft Office Word 2010 (link)

Open Word 2010, click on Mailings tab on the Ribbon:

1.Click on Envelopes
2.Click on Options
3.Under Delivery Address, click on Font
4.Choose desired Font, i.e. Calibri, Regular, Size 12
5.Click on Set As Default and select Yes (Do you want to change the default envelope address font to Calibri, 12pt?)

Then, click on Font under Return Address
Repeat steps 3 to 5.
click on OK, then click on Close.
Save the document.

If the default goes back to +Headings.
Show hidden files then edit the Normal.dot template in
Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates\normal.dot and save. 


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How do I access Outlook Shared Mailboxes with IMAP Clients (iPad, Droid)? (link)
  1. Within your IMAP client add a new mail account
  2. For the full name field enter the shared mailbox name (or the name you would like to display when an email is sent from this account)
  3. For email address enter the SMTP email address for the shared mailbox.
  4. For password enter your own password
  5. For username enter ad/youraccountname/shared-mailbox-name (ex: ad/smithj/shredmail). Set account type to IMAP
  6. Set incoming mail server to owa.wlu.edu
  7. Set connection security to SSL/TLS using port 993
  8. Set the Outgoing Server to use SMTPA, and use your email/password for authentication.  You will not acutally use this, but most IMAP connection require this step.

Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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How do I answer a colleague's phone line on my NEC phone (set up BLF key)? (link)
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