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SharePoint User Receives Multiple Notification/Alerts from a List (link)

There may be multiple user notification/alerts registered for the list.  To delete the extra notifications:

  1. on the SharePoint site as an admin, select "Site Actions"
  2. select "Site Settings"
  3. under "Site Administration" select "User Alerts"
  4. select the user to check for duplicate noifications/alerts and select "Update"
  5. check the duplicate notifications/alerts
  6. select "Delete Selected Alerts"
  7. Re-select user to verify duplicate notifications/alerts are gone
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How do I get a Sharepoint Collaboration site? (link)
There are two ways to get a collaboration site. If you go to https://sharepoint.wlu.edu, you can click on the "Request a Collaboration Site" link. You will be presented with a form that you need to fill out. You should have your site within 24-48 hours.
You can also place a request in Web HelpDesk. If you go to webhelpdesk.wlu.edu and sign in, you can create a ticket asking for a site. Please be sure to include the PURPOSE of the site (meeting site for Committee XYZ); the FULL NAME OF THE SITE OWNER (it might be you--the name of the person who will be responsible for maintaining the site); the MEMBERS who will be accessing the site; and finally, what ACCESS RIGHTS those members need (read-only? read, write, add, delete?)
Questions? Please call the Information Desk at x4357 if you need assistance.
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Why are some of the menu options in SharePoint 2010 grayed out? (link)

Menu options that are grayed out are not available, and there are many possible reasons why. Items in the list might not be selected, the browser you are using might mean that option is not available (Internet Explorer from a PC is the browser that will provide you the most functionality), you might not have permissions in the site, or the site administrator may have disallowed various options.

Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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What are the settings to use open with Explorer feature in Sharepoint? (link)
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URLs--What are the web addresses used to access SharePoint at WLU? (link)
You can access the collaboration portal by going to https://sharepoint.wlu.edu/Pages/Default.aspx

Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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Where can I find free online tutorials for SharePoint 2010? (link)


Microsoft offers several free online tutorials for SharePoint 2010.


By searching for Sharepoint, after logging into the Atomic Learning site, you can access tutorials broken down by topic.


Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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Why can't I use the "Edit in Browser" feature in SharePoint 2010? (link)

If Check-Out and Check-In are enforced on a document library, the "Edit in Browser" feature will not be available. You'll have to open the file in Word, or Excel, depending on the type of file, in order to edit it.

Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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How do I add W&L staff, faculty or students to a SharePoint site? (link)
  1. One of the site owners needs to log into the SharePoint site (Members and Visitors cannot do this.)
  2. Site Actions > Site Permissions
  3. Select the name of the group to which you want to add the person.
  4. Click New in the light gray bar above the list of current group members.
  5. Type in or browse the address book for the username.
  6. By default, the box is checked for the added person to receive an email with a link to the site. You can also add a personal message if you'd like.
  7. Click OK.


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How do I turn off Check In and Check Out on a Document Library in SharePoint 2010? (link)
  • Click on the name of the document library.
  • In the ribbon at the top of the page, choose "Library" under "Library Tools"
  • Select Library Settings (right side of ribbon)
  • Select "Versioning Settings"
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page. Under "Require Check Out", select "No"
  • Click "OK"


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How do users(staff) speed up managing files using “Open in Explorer” in their SharePoint site through Windows standard interface? (link)
( Restricted to authenticated ITS users. )
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How do I add a SharePoint calendar to Outlook? (link)
  • Click on the name of the SharePoint calendar. 
  • From the Calendar Tools menu, select Calendar Tools.
  • Select Connect to Outlook.
  • A warning message from Microosft Outlook appears: 'Connect this SharePoint Calendar to Outlook? You should only connect lists from sources you know and trust.'
  • Click on Yes.

This option is only available from Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browsers on a PC.

If you use Chrome on a PC, log into the site using Internet Explorer just long enough to accomplish the desired task.

If you're using a Macintosh, you can use a virtual desktop by going to http://thestable.wlu.edu, selecting an image from the MAIN menu, then logging into the SharePoint site using Internet Explorer.

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How do I log into SharePoint from off-campus? (link)
  • Navigate your browser to https://sharepoint.wlu.edu. The "https" is required and provides secure access to the site.
  • Log in with your network username. You may need to use the "AD\" prefix, for example, AD\doej
  • Use your network password.
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What file types are BLOCKED and cannot be loaded in SharePoint? (link)

For a complete list, please visit the following URL:


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How do I copy an Outlook 2007 Calendar into SharePoint? (link)
  1. Create the new calendar in sharepoint, and link it to your Outlook
  2. Open the source Outlook calendar (either from exchange or as a PST, however you have it).
  3. Go to folder view and open the source calendar
  4. With the source calendar open, go to view menu, current view, and select all appointments.
  5. Hit CTRL-A to select all the appointments, or just get the ones you want.
  6. Drag-and-drop the selected calendar Items to the linked sharepoint calendar
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What is Document Connection? (link)

Document Connection is part of Microsoft Office 2008 Service Pack 2 for the Macintosh. It makes it easier for Macintosh users to work with document libraries in SharePoint.

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How do I manage my Majordomo list? (link)


Mail the following commands to "majordomo@wlu.edu".
The Subject is ignored by majordomo.
Arguments in the []'s are optional. Arguments in italics should be replaced by the actual values.

Instructions For List Users

  • subscribe listname [address]
        Subscribe yourself (or address if specified) to the named listname.   
  • unsubscribe listname [address]
        Unsubscribe yourself (or address if specified) from the named listname.   
  • get listname filename
        Get a file related to listname.   
  • index listname
        Return an index of files you can "get" for listname.   
  • which [address]
        Find out which lists you (or address if specified) are on.   
  • who listname
        Find out who is on the named listname.   
  • info listname
        Retrieve the general introductory information for the named listname.   
  • lists
        Show the lists served by this Majordomo server.   
  • help
        Retrieve help information.   
  • end
        Stop processing commands (useful if your mailer adds a signature).

    Instructions For List Owners

  • approve password subscribe listname address
        subscribes the address given to the named list.   
  • approve password unsubscribe listname address
        unsubscribes the address given to the named list.   
  • newinfo listname password
        changes the information a user retrieves with the "info" command; readers
        automatically get the information when they subscribe as well.   
  • config listname password
        Majordomo sends you a copy of your current list configuration file.   
  • newconfig listname password
        changes your list configuration file.   
  • writeconfig listname password
        replaces your list configuration file with the default list configuration file.   
  • passwd listname password newpassword
        changes your password to the new password you give
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    What do I do when I get a Sakai Site Notification? (link)

    1. Open   WLU Sakai : https://sakai.wlu.edu

    2. Click the Login button.

    3. Type your guest account login and password, and click Login.

    4. Go to the site, click on the site tab. (You will see two or more tabs in a row across the upper part of the screen.)

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    Where can I find help with SharePoint 2010? (link)

    Atomic Learning is the licensed provider for online tutorials at W&L. Tutorial topics include: SharePoint 2010, Excel 2010 and 2011, Word 2010 and 2011, Windows 8, iMovie, the Adobe Creative Suite including InDesign, Acrobat and Photoshop and many more.

    Go to http://go.wlu.edu/LEARN and sign in with your network username and password to access all tutorials.

    This resource is open to all current students, staff and faculty.

    Applies To: Faculty, Staff, Students

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    What are troubleshooting steps when a user receives the message "Connect to MEXMBA" in the Outlook Client? (link)
    ( Restricted to authenticated ITS users. )
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    How can I add addresses to my personal contacts list from the Global Address List (GAL)? (link)

    1. Open the Global Address List (GAL) by clicking the address book button(looks like a little open book)

    2. Search the GAL for the user

    3. Highlight the user> right click> click 'Add to Contacts'>

    4. At this point you can either click 'Save & Close' and then manually move the contact from your default Contacts address book to your custom book OR you can select the Microsoft icon (top left) select 'Move'>'Copy to Folder'>select your custom address book folder>click OK>close the contact window without saving.

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    How do I delete items from the AutoComplete list in Outlook? (link)

    1. Begin typing the name you wish to remove from the AutoComplete list.

    2. Select the unwanted name by using the UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW key.

    3. Press DELETE.

    Note: When you type the first letter of a name in the To, CC, and BCC boxes, AutoComplete begins to suggest possible matches based on names of whom you have sent an item to before.

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    How do I create a phonemail distribution list? (link)

    PhoneMail allow you to send a single message to a list of extensions through the Pesonal Distribution List feature. You are limited to 10 extensions per Distribution List and you may have up to 5 different lists. Use the following instructions to create a Distribution List and to send a message.

    Access your PhoneMail box Press 9 (mailbox options) Press 1 (distribution lists) Press 1 (create) (PhoneMail will assign a D-List number) When prompted, enter the extension of the first person you want on the list and press # Repeat previous step for other entries (up to 10) Press # when you complete your entries Hang up

    Be sure to write down the number of your distrubtion list along with the extensions included in that list.

    To send a Message to a Distribution List(s): Access your PhoneMail box Press 1 (record) When prompted, record your message then press * #. Dial the D-List number and press # Repeat previous step for additional D-Lists Press # when done.

    Applies To: Students

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    How do I change my admin user account password? (link)
    ( Restricted to authenticated ITS users. )
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    I just got my "Spam Quarantine Notification" (EOP) and I'm the sender, what do I need to do? (link)

    You don't need to do anything.  Someone has "spoofed" your account. 

    Spoofing is when the sender address and other parts of the e-mail header have been altered to appear as thought the e-mail originated from you. 

    If it had been actual spam from your account it would not go through EOP and appear in you notifications.

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    How do I add text to the AutoCorrect list in Outlook? (link)
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    What is the maxium size of a distribution list in Outlook? (link)

    The maximum number of names that you can include in a distribution list depends on the size of the contact files (for each contact) themselves. There are no hard and fast rules but in general, a distribution list can contain between 50-70 names and e-mail addresses.

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    How do I edit the information of the members of a distribution list? (link)

    You cannot edit the information of members of a distribution list, but there is a workaround:

    In Outlook on a PC:

    1. Click on Contacts
    2. Click the New button to create a new Contact
    3. Fill out the Contact information
    4. Click on Save to save the contact
    5. In the File menu, choose File > New > Folder
    6. Name the folder (My Study Abroad Students, for example)
    7. This folder should now appear in the left menu at the very top under "My Contacts"
    8. Now you can click and drag the newly created contact into the folder.
    9. Repeat these steps for all the Contacts you want to add to the folder


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    Where can I find a list of classroom spaces at W&L? (link)

    The Registrar's office maintains a list of classroom spaces here: https://managementtools3.wlu.edu/CourseOfferings/pages/Page6.aspx

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    How to share a distribution list in Outlook 2010. (link)

    1. Open the distribution list (double-click on the list.)

    2. Click on Forward Group.

    3. Choose As an Outlook Contact.

    4. Send the email to the recipient.

    For the recipient:

    1. Open the email.

    2. Click on the email attachment and drag it to the Contacts button on the left side of the Outlook window. Now when you look at your contacts, you should see the distribution list.

    Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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    How do I end up with multiple tickets in Web Help Desk? (link)
    ( Restricted to authenticated ITS users. )
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    How do I restore my deleted contacts or distribution list in Outlook? (link)

    Deleted contacts and distribution lists end up in the Deleted Items folder but the Deleted Items folder is normally sorted by the date the item was received. Because of this, deleted contacts and distribution lists are not easily found.

    To easily find the deleted contacts and distributions lists start by opening the Deleted Items folder. Point the mouse at the column header that says "Arrange By". Click on this column header if "Show in Groups" does not have a check mark by it then select it. Next click "Arrange By" again and select "Type". Now the items are sorted by type, and you can hide all of a given type by clicking the triangle icon at the left of the type name. When you hide the other types, it will be easy to find any deleted contacts. Click on the triangle icon at left of the Contacts header if you don't see the individual deleted contacts. Then find the lost one and drag it back into your Contacts folder.

    To return the Deleted Items folder to the default view click the "Arrange By" header and select "Date". Click again to disable "Show in Groups" if you would not liked them grouped.

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    How do I turn off desk top alerts using Outlook 2007? (link)


    Turn Off Alerts

    1. On the Tools menu, click Options.

    2. On the Preferences tab, click E-mail Options, and then click Advanced E-mail Options.

    3. Under When new items arrive in my Inbox, clear the Display a New Mail Desktop Alert (default Inbox only) check box.

    Note To suppress other notifications such as playing sounds, changing the mouse pointer, or displaying an envelope icon in the notification area, clear the Play a sound, Briefly change the mouse cursor, or Show an envelope icon in the notification area check box, respectively.


    Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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    What are the troubleshooting questions when a user is experiencing problems with OWA timeout? (link)
    ( Restricted to authenticated ITS users. )
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    How to share a distribution list in Outlook 2007 (link)

    There are two ways to share a Distribution List in Outlook 2007:

    METHOD #1:

    1.       Open the Distribution List.

    2.       Right-click on the name of the distribution list.

    3.       Click on Send Full Contact.

    4.    Choose In Outlook Format

    METHOD #2 :


    1.       Open the distribution list.

    2.       In the menu across the top, choose Send > In Outlook Format.



    Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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    How can I use General Alerts (formerly e2Campus) to be notified in case of a campus emergency? (link)

    W&L has contracted with General Alerts (formerly e2Campus) to provide text message alerts in the event of a major emergency. This important service is available free of charge to all students, faculty and staff. Please register a text-capable cell phone number so you will get these messages. You may also register an additional text-capable cell phone number and e-mail addresses so that family members may receive text alerts.

     All users of the General Alerts system will receive campus emergency alerts.

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    How do I (user) install Team Viewer (remote access)? (link)
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    How often will I receive the EOP Spam Quarantine Notification Email message? (link)

    The EOP Spam Quarantine Notification email message will come every three days, provided you have received new spam. (Chances are....)

    If you want to check for false positives* in your spam quarantine more often than that, you will need to go to http://spam.wlu.edu and log into the EOP spam filter quarantine.

    * that is, e-mail you wanted to receive that "got stuck in spam catcher"

    Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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    How do I (Student) manager a distribution list I'm the owner of in Office365? (link)
    ( Restricted to authenticated users. Log In to view this answer. )

    Applies To: Students

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    Can I set up a Safe Senders list in the EOP spam filter? (link)

    Not initially.  The Safe Senders list can only be set up by enabling Automatic Email Filtering (Junk Folder) in Outlook Web Access (http://owa.wlu.edu) Once complete you can manage your safe senders list in Outlook 2010 and 2013.

    Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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    How do I move or copy multiple files or folders all at the same time between sites in Sakai? (link)

    You can move or copy multiple files all at once:


    1.      Go to the Resources area of the course with the files that you want to move or copy.

    2.      To the left of each folder and file is a checkbox. Check the checkbox for every file you want to move.

    3.      Look at the top of the list, just above the top gray bar. You should see 3 links: Copy, Remove and Move.

    4.      Click on the Move or Copy link.

    5.      Click on the Show Other Sites link.

    6.      Select the appropriate folder from the list.

    Applies To: Faculty, Students

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    How to clear the Public User Copy Counter on the Konica Minolta Bizhubs. (link)
    ( Restricted to authenticated ITS users. )
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    Can I call multiple locations at the same time with the LifeSize Passport video conferencing system? (link)

    Not at this time.

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    How can I find out if a course is offered this term or where can I find a list of courses offered at Washington and Lee (WebAdvisor)? (link)
    ( Restricted to authenticated users. Log In to view this answer. )

    Applies To: Students

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    When user logs in to check their quarantine queue, they are unable to select a message. The error they receive is that the message does not exist in their queue and they are logged in as the wrong user. The error message suggests they log out and login again, but the problem remains. (link)

    From:  DigiTar Support

    This is usually caused by the following situation:

    1.) The user is logged in as
    2.) In the user's inbox there are two digests, one for
    a@b.com and one for c@b.com.
    3.) The user is clicking on a message in the
    c@b.com digest in their inbox which tries to link them into the Portal directly to that message.
    4.) However, since they are logged in as
    a@b.com, they have no rights to the message.

    To remedy the situation they need to examine the subject line of the digest they are clicking on, and log into the Portal as the user specified in the subject of the digest.

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    Can I get an exported list of all contacts at W&L that I can import into my personal address book in another mail client (Thunderbird, Gmail, etc.)? (link)

    We do not provide copies of the address list for two primary reasons. 1 - it becomes a nightmare to troubleshoot issues as more and more out-of-date address lists are in use, 2 - if a machine holding these addresses gets infected with a virus that uses or collects addresses then our whole address list would be compromised.

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    When off campus, why can't I log into a W&L application web site (like SharePoint) using Internet Explorer? (link)

    If one takes a W&L laptop that is in the W&L AD domain off campus and then attaches to a site that is in the IE 'Local Intranet' security zone, the laptop attempts to do pass-through integrated windows login.  However, this requires that the computer has direct access to an AD domain controller, which is blocked in the firewall.  Unfortunately, IE does not gracefully fall back to a username and password prompt in this case.


    To configure IE to always prompt for a username and password:

    1.       Open Internet Explorer

    2.       Select “Tools”

    3.       Select “Internet Options”

    4.       Select “Security”

    5.       Select “Local  intranet”

    6.       Select “Custom level…”

    7.       Scroll all the way to the last option and select “Prompt for user name and password”

    8.       Select “OK” to exit both dialog windows


    To re-configure IE once you are back on campus, follow the same procedure, but in step 7, select “Automatic logon only in Intranet zone”

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