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What is Tegrity? (link)

Tegrity is a "course capture" or "lecture capture" software system that allows for the recording of class sessions. Computer screens are captured, as well as the audio of the presentation. If the room is equipped with a static camera or a tracking camera, video of the presenter, professor or whiteboard/chalkboard writing can be captured and included as well.

Tegrity is integrated with Sakai, W&L's course management system, and students can access course capture presentations online through the course site.

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How do I make a DVD of my Tegrity recording (link)

1.  Navigate to the specific class session in Tegrity.

2.  Select the class by clicking the check box next to that class.

3.  Go to the Actions menu at the bottom of the page.

4.  Expand and select Make DVD Image.

5.  File download box will appear and ask do you want to open or save, select save

6.  Navigate and save the file to your desktop.

7.  Go to your desktop, right click on the folder and choose extract all.

8.  Double click on the new folder that has been unzipped. At this point you will be able to see all the files it takes to make up a Tegrity recording.


There are 3 types of DVDs you could make:



Audio only:

1.     Select the folder that has the name and date of your class.

2.     Then the class folder.

3.     Then the instructor folder

4.     Then drag a copy of the audio0 file to your desktop.


Audio, computer and document camera screen shots:

1.     Select the folder that has the name and date of your class.

2.     Then the class folder.

3.     Then the Projector folder

4.     Then drag a copy of the Mediaroom0 file to your desktop.


Video and audio of instructor: (no computer or document camera screen shots)

1. Select the folder that has the name and date of your class.

2. Then the class folder.

3. Then the instructor folder 

4. Then drag a copy of the instructor0 file to your desktop.

Currently there is no way to create a DVD that plays back the recording in the same way you see it via the web, however if you would like send someone a link to the video you can do so from the actions box at the bottom of your Tegrity page. (Select get class link) You will be able to past a link into an e-mail and send it to any one you desire.




Select a program such as Windows DVD Maker and import the audio0, Mediaroom0, or instructor0 files from your desktop into the program. i DVD or Roxio Creator are other options for creating your DVD. The library helpdesk can assist you once you get the files to your desktop. 


For more information on using Tegrity, please contact Todd Goetz at 461-0961.


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Which classrooms have Tegrity (course capture) installations? (link)
Audio Only Static Camera Tracking Camera
Newcomb 120 Leyburn M47

du Pont 102

Parmly 306 Reid 215 Huntley 301
Parmly 307   Newcomb 116
Science Addition G16   Newcomb 122
Payne Hall 212   Science Addition 214
    Science Addition G14
    Payne Hall 201
    Wilson 2018

**Audio-only installations can be done upon request for professors who will be teaching in a space for the semester. Please allow one week lead time for installation.








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How do I send an e-mail attachment with the Tegrity link out of Sakai to a trusted viewer? (link)

Open up the Tegrity link from Sakai
Open the Session List and click the session you want to send
At the bottom you will see an Actions drop down menu (if not maximize the window)
Under Class Actions Click Get Class Link

Note ** UNCHECK the "Do not allow anonymous user ..." box
If you don’t the user will HAVE to log into Sakai

Copy the URL and send via e-mail to TRUSTED user


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