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The Icons on my Desktop are suddenly large, how do I make them small again? (link)

1. Right click on your Desktop

2. Select Properties

3. Select Settings

4. Drag the slider bar all the way to the right.

5. Select Apply.

6. When the window pops up, say yes to keep these changes.

Your icons should be smaller, if they are too small, repeat steps one through 3 and then drag the slider one or two notches to the left.

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How do I access a virtual applications and/or desktop? (link)

Virtual applications and/or desktop may be accessed through the following website. Log in with your W&L network username and password:


Please log off when you are finished, to free up resources for others.


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What is the replacement cycle for desktop computers (ITS)? (link)

ITS expects most computers to last between four and five years.  It is our goal to evaluate the functionality of computers when they turn four years old.  

If your computer is no longer up to the challenge and does not meet your working needs, please contact your Client Services Support person or send an email to help@wlu.edu to seek solutions.


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Is it possible to remote to my desktop (RDP) from off campus (myVi)? (link)
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Where can I get help with large format scanning? (link)
  • Library staff will be available to assist in the design phase of projects. Contact Elizabeth Anne Teaff to schedule an appointment or drop by the Information Desk Monday through Thursday from 4-8 pm. and ask for Brandon Bucy.
  • Items to be scanned may be dropped off at the Information Desk of the Leyburn at any time. We will have a turnaround time of 2 business days.
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How large of a group can use the Chat 150 Microphone? (link)

Groups of 5 or 6 are ideal. However, it can be used with groups of up to 15 with a quiet environments.

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Why does Outlook say 'Windows Desktop Search' is not available when I see it in installed components? (link)
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How do I make my VDI desktop span my two (dual) monitors? (link)
  • Make the desktop image smaller (exit full-screen mode).
  • Drag the window so it splits both monitors.
  • Double click the title bar and it should detect both monitors and display on both.
  • It should remember you have dual monitors in the future and just go right to it.
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In Outlook, how do I increase the font size of a reply message? The font is so small, I can hardly read it. (link)

1.     On the File menu, click Options.

2.     On the Mail tab, click Stationery and Fonts (4th option from the top).

3.     On the Personal Stationery tab, under Replying or forwarding messages, click Font.

4.     On the Font tab, change the font options to what you want to use for future messages. 

5.     Click OK on the Fonts, the Signatures and Stationery, and the Options dialog boxes.

When you reply to or forward a message, the new settings will take effect.

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What are the policies for large format scanning in Leyburn Library? (link)
    • The University Library has two large format scanners: one scanner for delicate and fragile items and one for maps and other large documents.
    • To use either scanner, items must be larger than 8½” x 11”. Small items may be scanned using one of the many available campus scanners. The Leyburn Library has several scanning stations on the Main Floor. Campus photocopy machines may also be used for scanning.
    • Items to be scanned may be dropped off at the Information Desk of the Leyburn at any time. We will have a turnaround time of 2 business days.
    • Scanned images will be saved to CD/DVD, clients’ flash/thumb/USB drive, or the web. The University Library has flash drives that may be checked out for a period of 24 hours and used to transport images.


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What is the charge for large format scanning at Leyburn Library? (link)
  • In cases of large, on going scanning projects fee may be assessed at a rate of $8.00 per hour. Cash, check, and/or General Debit will be accepted. Departmental Charges will be billed to the appropriate University account.
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How do I install the Citrix virtual desktop software, so that I can access myVi? (link)
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Why did I get error "The connection to "Mustang {W7} My Personal Desktop" failed with status (1030)? (link)

This occurs if you DOUBLE-click the link instead of using a single click.  The error comes from the second instance conflicting with the first instance.

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