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How do I access WebAdvisor? (link)

In a web browser, go to go.wlu.edu/webadvisor

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How do I look up a student's advisor (WebAdvisor)? (link)

1. In WebAdvisor: Go to the student profile page, enter a student's ID, and part of the information that will appear includes Advisor Name, email, etc.

2. In Colleague, many of the departmental administrative assistants have access to certain screens designated by the Registrar. On one or more of those screens, this information exists. So faculty could check with these departmental administrative assistants as well.

Applies To: Faculty

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What are the troubleshooting steps when a person is locked out of WebAdvisor? (link)
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Where do I enter my time (in WebAdvisor) after the pay period has ended? (link)
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My search for classes (student) in WebAdvisor is giving me an error message? (link)
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Applies To: Students

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Why is a pay period record missing on my Time History screen in Webadvisor, even though I was paid for those days? (link)

If you do not electronically sign and submit your time card to your supervisor, there is no web transaction to display for that pay period in the Time History screen on Webadvisor. What happens is your default work schedule, or days you entered manually, are pulled into payroll and the verifications are done through the normal payroll files. There is no detail from the web that was saved to reference. Also, at this point, any verification of hours or approvals needed are done by the Payroll Department in conjunction with your supervisor before you are paid.

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How can I find out if a course is offered this term or where can I find a list of courses offered at Washington and Lee (WebAdvisor)? (link)
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I'm getting the error "The maximum number of cookie values has been reached" when I am logged into WebAdvisor. The same issue will happen with Student workflows, Web Time Entry Workflows, etc. (link)

This error may have been caused by opening four or more WebAdvisor hyperlink windows. For example, if a user is reviewing their budget and clicks on the Actuals, which opens a new window, then clicks on a Voucher, which opens a new window;  and the user does not close any of the child windows, and attempts to select another Actual, they will get the error.

All child windows must be closed using the CLOSE WINDOW button. If the user uses the browser's red X to close the windows, they will still get the error and be forced to log out and back in to WebAdvisor.

If this does not solve the problem you may need to review and then delete the webadvisor stored cookies.

In Chrome - Chrome Settings/Advanced/Content Settings/All Cookies &Site Data/Search "WebAdvisor"/ and Click X to to right of webadvisor.wlu.edu cookie to delete it


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How do I enter my hours? (link)

1. Login to http://webadvisor.wlu.edu

2. Choose employee from the menu
3. Choose Time Entry from the menu at the lower left side of the page.
4. Pick your Helpdesk job from the list:
5. Fill in your hours and click submit:
6. Click OK to confirm:

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I'm a student - how do I find my ID number? (link)
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How do I unlock my WebAdvisor account? (link)

Submit a Help Ticket at http://go.wlu.edu/HelpTicket and ITS staff will unlock the account for you.

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