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What is the URL for Datatel on campus? (link)

The URL is now go.wlu.edu/Colleague or go.wlu.edu/TestColleague

Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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How does an administrative assistant access and use Datatel to find course and student information in order to support their department and its faculty members? (link)

If you need access to Colleague, please go to https://managementtools.wlu.edu/AccessRequest/ and request an account. Once the proper approvals are granted, an account will be set up for you. Accounts are set up on an individual basis and they should not be shared with anyone. In most cases, when dealing with course and student information, the Registrar’s office will provide some level of training or guidance on how to access the data you require.



If you already have access to Colleague but cannot remember your login information or have issues accessing the system, go to http://webhelpdesk.wlu.edu and create a ticket under the category of Administrative Data – Colleague Issues/Requests. Once submitted, the ticket will be automatically routed to the appropriate person who can help you resolve problems.

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What is Datatel? (link)

Ellucian is the combination of Datatel and SungardHigherEd and is the provider of the Colleague suite.

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How do I connect to Datatel from home or off campus? (link)

The only method for accessing Datatel from off campus is through TheStable.

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What is Colleague? (link)

Colleague is a suite of applications by Datatel, Inc. covering HR, financials, student information, and more.

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