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What is ITS? (link)

ITS is Information Technology Services. The website is http://its.wlu.edu

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What is the replacement cycle for desktop computers (ITS)? (link)

ITS expects most computers to last between four and five years.  It is our goal to evaluate the functionality of computers when they turn four years old.  

If your computer is no longer up to the challenge and does not meet your working needs, please contact your Client Services Support person or send an email to help@wlu.edu to seek solutions.


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What is the ITS RightFax number used in the Library? (link)

The Fax number for the ITS used in the library is 4462.

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What are the material specifications for the ITS envelope printer? (link)

1. Approved media (envelopes, postcards) should be made from the following paper types (card stock, white wove, bond paper, recycled paper, manila) with no glossy surfaces.

2. Approved media should be without windows, metal clasps, and be unstuffed and unsealed.

3. Media sizes are from a minimum of 3 x 5 inches to a maximum of 11 x 13 inches.  Thickness is from 0.003 inches to 0.125 inches.

4. Envelopes should have the flap along the long edge and may have either a straight or diagonal edge along the envelope flap.

5. All media is addressed with black ink with no special fonts available.

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What steps should ITS staff take when there is a known phish or spam attack? (link)
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How do I login to a laptop from the ITS laptop pool while off-campus (off the W&L network)? (link)

On the Login screen:
1) Use the drop down box to change from the "AD" setting to the "this computer" setting.
2) Login name is W&LGuest
3) Password is W&Lpassword
(entries are case sensitive)

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How do I (ITS staff) use Teamviewer to provide remote support at W&L? (link)
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How do I save data files on a "frozen" classroom PC or laptop from the ITS laptop pool? (link)

Classroom PCs and ITS laptops are referred to as "frozen" since data you save to the C:\ drive will be deleted when the computer is rebooted.  

These computers have a T:\ drive where data can be saved and not overwritten during a reboot.  The T:\ drive is limited to a maximum size of 2GB.  This drive is labeled "SAVE LOCAL DATA HERE".

You may also use a memory stick connected to the USB port on the computer to save your data.

See image below for graphic details:


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How can I (ITS staff) quickly check the Account Locked status of an Active Directory AD account? (link)
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How does an administrative assistant access and use Datatel to find course and student information in order to support their department and its faculty members? (link)

If you need access to Colleague, please go to https://managementtools.wlu.edu/AccessRequest/ and request an account. Once the proper approvals are granted, an account will be set up for you. Accounts are set up on an individual basis and they should not be shared with anyone. In most cases, when dealing with course and student information, the Registrar’s office will provide some level of training or guidance on how to access the data you require.



If you already have access to Colleague but cannot remember your login information or have issues accessing the system, go to http://webhelpdesk.wlu.edu and create a ticket under the category of Administrative Data – Colleague Issues/Requests. Once submitted, the ticket will be automatically routed to the appropriate person who can help you resolve problems.

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