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What is a Flip? (link)

The The Flip Video Ultra series is a simple camcorder. As the web site states "It lets you capture the everyday moments that happen anywhere and share them with friends and family everywhere. So now, shooting video is as easy as taking a picture. And sharing is as easy as turning on your computer. Shoot Anything. Share Everything."

Some of the camcorder features include: a built-in flash memory, a high quality microphone, no glare display, and low light handling. The built-in software makes archiving, editing, organizing, publishing or sharing a video easy. It's simple to start; just plug in the USB arm into your computer. The recording time is 60 minutes with 1GB memory.  The HD recording time is 120 minutes.

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How do I get a Flip video off of the Flip? (link)

Mac Instructions:

  1. Plug the FLIP into the USB port on the Mac;
  2. Once the camera has appeared in Finder, locate the folder named DCIM;
  3. Under DCIM is the Video folder;
  4. Copy the folder or video files that you want onto your H:\ Drive;
  5. Start up iMovie;
  6. Go to File: Import Movies and choose the folder or movies you want to import;
  7. Right click on the file and select "Play Full Screen".

PC Instructions:

  1. Plug the FLIP into the USB port on the PC;
  2. Open Windows Explorer;
  3. Click on the Flip Video drive;
  4. Open the DCIM folder;
  5. Copy the desired folder or videos to your H:\ drive.
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Why am I getting an error message when importing video from Flip Camera? (link)

There is a problem running the latest version of FlipShare (the software that manages all your Flip videos) on older PCs. Basically, the software detects the processor on your computer and if your processor is not up to its standard, it will shut down, giving you an error message. 

The solution is to download and install the older version of Flipshare. First uninstall Flipshare (Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs), then download and install "Flip Video For PC" v3.7 from here:


Applies To: Faculty, Staff, Students

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