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What is the Smart Zone? (link)

The Smart Zone is located in Leyburn Library on the Main level by the entrance nearest the Elrod Commons.  It has the Smart Board Technology and seating in an open area.  During the day reservations are required and are made by contacting the ITS Help Desk at help@wlu.edu or calling extension 4357.

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What is a Smart Board? (link)

A SMART Board is an interactive whiteboard that allows the professor or students to write notes in digital ink on top of the computer display, and save the work. It is integrated with the computer and the computer displays to the board/screen, but it also allows interaction at the board. The Smart Board is equipped with "digital pens"-pens that write digitally on the screen.

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Where can I download SMART Notebook software? (link)
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Where are the Smart Boards and Sympodiums located on campus? (link)

du Pont 104 (Sympodium)

Leyburn M47 (Sympodium)

Leyburn Smart Zone (Smart Board) (Contact the Information Desk at 4357 to reserve)

Newcomb 116 (Wide-Screen Sympodium)

Newcomb 122 (Wide-Screen Sympodium)

Parmly 313 (Smart Board, Biology Department Lab)

Payne 201 (Wide-Screen Sympodium)

Red House (Smart Board)

Science Addition G14 (Sympodium)

Science Addition 114 (Sympodium)

Science Addition 214 (Sympodium)

Tucker 402 (Smart Board)

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Which classrooms are smart classrooms? (link)
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How do I access network drives (L:, H:, I:, J: ) on my computer or smart device? (link)

1. Go to myvi.wlu.edu and authenticate. If it the first time you will be asked to install the Citrix client.

2. Choose a virtual desktop

3. Go to Computer (My Computer on Windows XP) and you should see the L: drive listed.

If you would like instructions for mapping a network drive on your computer, please send an email with your request to help@wlu.edu or call the Information Desk at extension 4357.

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Can I access Sakai on my smart phone? (link)
You can check updates to your Sakai sites on your smart phone! Just 
go to http://sakai.wlu.edu/portal/pda and log in. This interface 
makes it much easier to check on your classes when you're not at 
your computer.

Applies To: Faculty, Students

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If I lost my smart phone not a Blackberry what do I need to do to stop email going to the device? (link)

If you have a Mobile device connected to W&L email (Outlook)  and it has been lost or stolen  you will need to do the following ASAP:



  1. Login to Outlook Web Access (owa.wlu.edu for faculty/staff or mail.wlu.edu for students)
  2. Put in your user name and password
  3. Go to Options (this is located in the upper right)
  4. On the left of page click on Mobile Devices
  5. Select the device that you have lost
  6. You may choose to wipe the device to remove all of the emails from it remotely
  7. Delete the device from the list
  8. Click Save


Applies To: Faculty, Staff, Students

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