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What is the checkout period for the Chat 150 Microphone? (link)

The Chat 150 Microphone is setup for a checkout period of 24 hours.

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What is a Chat 150 Microphone? (link)

It is a web conferencing phone that can be used as your microphone and speaker with applications such as Skype or Elluminate.

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Do I have to use the Chat 150 Microphone in the library? (link)

You can use the Chat 150 Microphone in the library or in your office. Anywhere you have a connection to a computer.

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How large of a group can use the Chat 150 Microphone? (link)

Groups of 5 or 6 are ideal. However, it can be used with groups of up to 15 with a quiet environments.

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Does the Chat 150 Microphone have feedback or echo? (link)

The Chat 150 Microphone has echo cancelling technology built-in to eliminate the feedback or echo sometimes heard while conferencing via internet.

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Can I use the Chat 150 Microphone on a regular phone line? (link)

No, the Chat 150 Microphone is NOT a speakerphone for a regular telephone line.

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What does the person need to do on the reciving end of a call with Chat 150 Microphone to not have feedback or echo? (link)

The person you are talking to will also need to use some form of echo cancellation eitehr by using a headphone/mic or by closely controlling their speaker and microphone volumes.

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Is there technology available for checkout at the Library? (link)

Yes, there most definitely is. The Information Desk has a wide range of digital equipment and multimedia resources for checkout, from HDD video cameras and projectors to royalty free music. You can find the complete list at the Academic Technologies page:



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Where do I enter my time (in WebAdvisor) after the pay period has ended? (link)
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Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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Why is a pay period record missing on my Time History screen in Webadvisor, even though I was paid for those days? (link)

If you do not electronically sign and submit your time card to your supervisor, there is no web transaction to display for that pay period in the Time History screen on Webadvisor. What happens is your default work schedule, or days you entered manually, are pulled into payroll and the verifications are done through the normal payroll files. There is no detail from the web that was saved to reference. Also, at this point, any verification of hours or approvals needed are done by the Payroll Department in conjunction with your supervisor before you are paid.

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