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What is the login information for the Wyse terminals? (link)
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Why can't I log on to a W&L authenticated web application? (link)

Here are some of the most common symptoms and solutions to authentication failure to W&L web applications:

  1. You are repeatedly presented with a login prompt, which never is successful.  You are using a personal computer, or are off campus.    Try entering your user name with the prefix "AD\" .  E.g.   AD\MyAccountName  .  W&L's Active Directory domain is named "AD".  This prefix tells the web server which domain to authenticate against.
  2. The previous step does not work, but in the popup, you see an option similar to "Use Another Account".  Select that option, and use the AD\ prefix.  In this case, your browser is using your computer's name as the authentication domain, and is ignoring the AD\ prefix.
  3. Has your W&L password expired?  Has it been more that one year since you changed it?  You may do so at http://password.wlu.edu.
  4. You are using FireFox version 30.0 on a Mac or Linux workstation.  Release 30 breaks Windows authentication.  See the following for a fix: http://managementtools.wlu.edu/Help/Resources/1/271.pdf
  5. You are using FireFox version 40, and accessing an unauthenticated page with authenticated content embedded in it.  This version of FireFox intentionally disables this if the page and content are in different domains.  You can configure Firefox to allow this, or use a different browser.
  6. You are using Safari, and receiving the error "request body stream exhausted".  This is a bug with Safari authentication.  Use a different browser.
  7. You are on an iOS device, recently updated to version 7.  This update breaks windows authentication for some iOS devices like iPhones or iPads.  Use another device.
  8. You are never presented with a login prompt.  You are using Internet Explorer on a W&L computer, from off campus.  Integrated Windows login is failing because the browser can not communicate with a W&L AD Domain Controller from off campus.  Use another browser or temporarily disable Integrated Windows authentication: https://managementtools.wlu.edu/Help/Default.aspx?col=1&q=unable+log+login

If none of these solutions work, try going to http://MyVI.wlu.edu and opening a web browser from the APPS screen.  Then, you will effectively be using a W&L computer, and on campus.  This will bypass many issues associated with using personally owned computers.

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How do I login to a laptop from the ITS laptop pool while off-campus (off the W&L network)? (link)

On the Login screen:
1) Use the drop down box to change from the "AD" setting to the "this computer" setting.
2) Login name is W&LGuest
3) Password is W&Lpassword
(entries are case sensitive)

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When off campus, why can't I log into a W&L application web site (like SharePoint) using Internet Explorer? (link)

If one takes a W&L laptop that is in the W&L AD domain off campus and then attaches to a site that is in the IE 'Local Intranet' security zone, the laptop attempts to do pass-through integrated windows login.  However, this requires that the computer has direct access to an AD domain controller, which is blocked in the firewall.  Unfortunately, IE does not gracefully fall back to a username and password prompt in this case.


To configure IE to always prompt for a username and password:

1.       Open Internet Explorer

2.       Select “Tools”

3.       Select “Internet Options”

4.       Select “Security”

5.       Select “Local  intranet”

6.       Select “Custom level…”

7.       Scroll all the way to the last option and select “Prompt for user name and password”

8.       Select “OK” to exit both dialog windows


To re-configure IE once you are back on campus, follow the same procedure, but in step 7, select “Automatic logon only in Intranet zone”

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How do I log into SharePoint from off-campus? (link)
  • Navigate your browser to https://sharepoint.wlu.edu. The "https" is required and provides secure access to the site.
  • Log in with your network username. You may need to use the "AD\" prefix, for example, AD\doej
  • Use your network password.
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How can a guest login on classroom computer or in the Stackhouse Theater? (link)

On the Login screen: 
1) Use the drop down box to change from the "AD" setting to the "this computer" setting.
2) Login name is W&LGuest
3) Password is W&Lpassword (entries are case sensitive)

*note: classroom guest login screen will look very similar to this laptop pool login screen below

 Classroom login screen is similar to this laptop login screen


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What is the MacServer information? (link)
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How do I log into Ingeniux? (link)
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Where can I find information about IT security? (link)

More information is available at the ITS Information Security SharePoint site; the University Information Security Program (ISP) site; as well as the ITS site.

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Does W&L have any information on sustainability? (link)

W&L has a web page on sustainability.  Please click this link to learn more.

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What is the information for Grant server? (link)
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How do I log into RightFax? (link)

On the entry page Click the box next to “Use Windows Authentication” and then Click the “Login” button. You do not need to enter your User ID or password on this page.

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What if I need additional information when using RightFax? (link)

Look at the RightFax Help Guide under Resources or submit question to the HelpDesk at help@wlu.edu

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Is there a shortcut to login to Box? (link)
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What general information can you tell me (student) about PhoneMail? (link)

Your telephone service which includes PhoneMail upon request, a voice mail service that enables you to record a personal greeting of up to three minutes in length and accept up to ten, 3-minute messages. Your phone line will be programmed to forward automatically to PhoneMail if you do not answer after four rings or if your line is busy. The message waiting light on your phone will flash whenever you have received a message. You should retrieve and delete messages as often as possible.

By using the access phone number to PhoneMail and your personalized password, you will be able to retrieve messages from any touch-tone phone.

Your greeting will be your own personalized message that may be changed at any time from any phone.

Voice mailboxes are confidential and are accessible only to the individual via a password.
The PhoneMail box owner should erase all messages at the end of the school year. The PhoneMail system will be purged of all messages 24 hours after the final day of spring term exams.

Applies To: Students

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Where do I go for Information and support for Office365 (students)? (link)
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Applies To: Students

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When I try to Schedule an Appointment in Outlook, Everyone has "No Information."   (link)
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Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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What is the Information Security Program (ISP) at W&L? (link)

The ISP and the ISP Committee were organized at the direction of the Provost in 2003 to comply with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) and to implement the “Safeguards Rule” issued by the Federal Trade Commission. The ISP Committee is chaired by the ISP Coordinator and the Committee has responsibility, in advising the Provost, for the ISP. The original program scope was intentionally broader than necessary for simple legal compliance, and requires all departments to have written procedures documenting the safeguards used to protect the University’s information assets.

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I need to print a poster for a class--where can I find more information about how to do it? (link)

The library has a web page with information about printing posters. You can access the page here.

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How do I edit the information of the members of a distribution list? (link)

You cannot edit the information of members of a distribution list, but there is a workaround:

In Outlook on a PC:

  1. Click on Contacts
  2. Click the New button to create a new Contact
  3. Fill out the Contact information
  4. Click on Save to save the contact
  5. In the File menu, choose File > New > Folder
  6. Name the folder (My Study Abroad Students, for example)
  7. This folder should now appear in the left menu at the very top under "My Contacts"
  8. Now you can click and drag the newly created contact into the folder.
  9. Repeat these steps for all the Contacts you want to add to the folder


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What information should we collect if a student is having problems with web matriculation? (link)
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As a student how can I check my long distance account information? (link)

You can view your phone bill detail  online using your Long Distance Authorization Code. Access to your bill by clicking on the following link:

Long Distance Account

Applies To: Students

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Where do I find more information about Generals Payment System (GPS)? (link)
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Why do I always have to log in to the wireless network? How do I get onto the secure wireless network? (link)

The WLU wireless network allows users to access the network for a short period with authenticated access, or a long period with secure access. If you are just visiting campus for a day you should attach to the "wlu" wireless networks. If you are going to be using our wireless network frequently you will want to register for the secure wireless network. Registering on the secure network allows you to remain attached to the network without having to reauthenticate, and it encyrpts your network traffic so it is secure. To register on the Secure network go to Http://wireless.wlu.edu .

If you are not formally associated with WLU you can access the network as a guest by attaching to the "wlu" network. This network has some restrictions.    

Applies To: Faculty, Staff, Students

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What information do you have for me (student) in the dorms, Woods Creek Apartments, and sororities? (link)

Cable television service is included in your room fee for the dorms, Woods Creek Apartments and sororities. Cable television service for the fraternity buildings and other off-campus facilities must be acquired through Comcast at 1-888-266-2278.

The W&L Cable TV package includes the basic service of 58+ channels. You will need to supply a cable ready television and the cable that goes between the wall outlet and your television set. This cable is available at the University Bookstore or electronics shops. The connection of the television, VCR or other video devices to the cable wall jack is the responsibility of the customer.

Applies To: Students

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How do I (student) log into the GPS (Generals Payment System)? (link)
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What information do you have about International Voice and Data cell phone programs? (link)
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Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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What general phone information do you have for those living in a Fraternity and the International House? (link)

Basic telephone service on the University system has been provided in your room fee. The phone jack in your room is active and will accept a standard home phone or similar device.

The phone service in the fraternity and International house is slightly different from the phone service in the dorms. Dorm phones are on a digital service but our off-campus buildings are on an analog system. Because analog systems do not require a special phone, residents of our off-campus housing provide their own phones and may use any basic home type phone device. The other differences mainly involve the keystrokes necessary to execute various phone system and PhoneMail functions. Please see other items in this section for details.

Applies To: Students

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What is the process for the prospective/confirmed student getting information (Generals' HQ Applicant portal)? (link)
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Why am I unable to log into various Windows authenticated sites using FireFox 30 on a Mac or Linux computer? (link)

FireFox version 30.0 breaks Windows authentication.  Look for the resource document to the right for the fix.

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How does an administrative assistant access and use Datatel to find course and student information in order to support their department and its faculty members? (link)

If you need access to Colleague, please go to https://managementtools.wlu.edu/AccessRequest/ and request an account. Once the proper approvals are granted, an account will be set up for you. Accounts are set up on an individual basis and they should not be shared with anyone. In most cases, when dealing with course and student information, the Registrar’s office will provide some level of training or guidance on how to access the data you require.



If you already have access to Colleague but cannot remember your login information or have issues accessing the system, go to http://webhelpdesk.wlu.edu and create a ticket under the category of Administrative Data – Colleague Issues/Requests. Once submitted, the ticket will be automatically routed to the appropriate person who can help you resolve problems.

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When user logs in to check their quarantine queue, they are unable to select a message. The error they receive is that the message does not exist in their queue and they are logged in as the wrong user. The error message suggests they log out and login again, but the problem remains. (link)

From:  DigiTar Support

This is usually caused by the following situation:

1.) The user is logged in as
2.) In the user's inbox there are two digests, one for
a@b.com and one for c@b.com.
3.) The user is clicking on a message in the
c@b.com digest in their inbox which tries to link them into the Portal directly to that message.
4.) However, since they are logged in as
a@b.com, they have no rights to the message.

To remedy the situation they need to examine the subject line of the digest they are clicking on, and log into the Portal as the user specified in the subject of the digest.

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