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What software is available on the computers in Huntley Hall 322? (link)

Huntley Hall 322 has 34 Dell computers with Windows 7 operating system.

The following software is installed on the lab computers:




Adobe Design and Web Premium

CS 6

Adobe Flash Player


Adobe Reader X


Adobe Shockwave Player


Citrix Agent to access The Stable


Cyberlink PowerDVD


FileZilla Client


Google Chrome




Internet Explorer


Java Platform SE Runtime Environment

7 Update 5

Microsoft Office


Mozilla Firefox


Microsoft Silverlight


MyITLab Office (I.T. Literacy Testing S/W)


QuickBooks Premier Accountant




Roxio Creator DE


Real Player



Stata Intercooled


Symantec Endpoint Protection


VLC Multimedia plug-in for Firefox


Voting Power -  Banzshap and Fastbanz


Windows Media Player


 Updated September 2012

Applies To: Students

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What software is available on the computers in the Science Library (Telford)? (link)

     LiveCycle Designer
Google Earth
Microsoft Office, including Publisher and Photo Story
Roxio Creator

Applies To: Students

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What software is available on the computers in the Tucker Multimedia Center (TMC)? (link)

Adobe CS5

Office Suite

Tandberg Software

Acrobat 9


Google Earth

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What software is available on the Mac computers in the Williams School Reading Room? (link)
Reading Room Applications Version
Adobe CS Design Web Premium 6
Compressor  4.0.7
Final Cut Pro  10.0.9
Firefox 22.0
Flip4Mac  3.2
Google Chrome 19.0.1
iWork 9.0
Microsoft Office 2011 14.2.2
Microsoft Remote Desktop 2.1.1
Microsoft Silverlight  5.1.2
Motion 5.0.7
Reaper 4.402
VLC Media Player 2.0.8

Updated August 2013

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Are there any Windows computers in the Williams Reading Room? (link)

There are six Xenith Wyse terminals to access the VDIs in The Stable. The VDIs have Windows 7 operating systems.

Updated September 2012

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What software is available with the Journalism applications in Reid Hall? (link)

Journalism Applications include:


Adobe Creative Suite 4 (Design Premium)

Avid Newscutter (Video Editing)

Avid iNews (Newsroom Production System)

Sony Soundforge (Audio Editing)

Soundslides (still image and audio slideshows)



Applies To: Students

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What is PowerFAIDS? (link)

PowerFAIDS is a software product developed by The College Board that provides critical functionality regarding financial aid management.  The Financial Aid Department utilizes the PowerFAIDS product to assign and manage awards for students each term.  

Data collected in PowerFAIDS is fed to Datatel Colleague in order to reflect awards and pending aid on student billing.

Only Financial Aid staff have access to the PowerFAIDS product.

Applies To: Faculty, Staff, Students

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What software does W&L license for faculty and staff? (link)

The University provides site licensing for these products on University-owned equipment:

  • Microsoft Windows Upgrades
  • Microsoft Office Professional and Enterprise
  • Symantec Anti-Virus, Corporate Edition

In addition, these products are licensed for all student-owned computers.


Faculty and staff may install Microsoft Office on their personally-owned computers if its use is primarily for work-related purposes. Employees may purchase installation media at the University Store provided they sign a Work-at-Home Agreement at the Store.

Please contact your ITS Client Services Support Specialist for licensing information on other software products. ITS can often provide licensed installations at no charge to the department or provide significant volume discounts for certain products.

Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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What do I do if Symantec is out of date? (link)

If you are getting a pop up window that Symantec is out of date either:

1. Click on the upright Yellow Shield in your task bar.

2. When the Symantec Window pops up click Live Update on the Left.

If you can't find the yellow shield

1. Click on Start > All Programs > Symantec Endpoint Protection

2. Click on Live Update on the Left.

Syamtec will now run Live Update, you can safely ignore both windows until it has finished.


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Is Box Edit already installed in the Innovation Lab? (link)

Unfortunately, no. It cannot be pre-installed in the lab environment.

That said, you may certainly use Box Edit. Box Edit will prompt you to install it any time you log into a computer, log in to your Box account, and then attempt to edit a file.


Applies To: Faculty, Staff, Students

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Where can students and employees download Office and antivirus software for their personal computers? (link)

Students can download Office products and antivirus from the Student Software Download page.

Employees can download Office products and antivirus from the Employee Software Downloads page


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What is Stata software? (link)

Stata is a combination of the words statistics and data.

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What is SPSS software? (link)

SPSS was originally an acronym for Statistical Package of the Social Sciences.  Later it just became the name of the software. 

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What are statistical software packages? (link)

Statistical software packages are like Excel on steroids.While Excel is a very powerful tool, you wouldn’t use it to compute your income taxes if you had a complicated return.  You would use specialized tax software.  If you want to perform the types of statistical analysis that can be found in academic journals than software like Stata or SPSS would probably be helpful.  Analyses such as crosstabs, correlations, OLS regressions, logistic regressions, etc. can be done in Excel but are easier in Stata or SPSS.  Other types of analyses just can’t be done in Excel.  Stata and SPSS can also handle much larger data files than Excel.


Stata and SPSS also have excellent data management capabilities that facilitate combining data from different sources.In that sense, they can be thought of as low end database software with extremely strong statistical capabilities.

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How can I see what's new in Adobe Illustrator or other software I currently use? (link)

Log into Atomic Learning and type in the product such as Adobe Illustrator. Check the newer version number and then look for the “What’s New? Training" and it will give you an overview class of the updates.

Additionally when you "Expand all" in you class you will see some topics with red italicized "New to product name"

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How do I access a virtual applications and/or desktop? (link)

Virtual applications and/or desktop may be accessed through the following website. Log in with your W&L network username and password:


Please log off when you are finished, to free up resources for others.


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What software is available in the Wilson 3027 lab? (link)

Adobe Creative Suite 4
Final Cut Express 4
Firefox 3
FlipShare (Flip Video)
Google Earth
iWorks '09
Maple 13
Microsoft Office 2008
     Power Point
Photo Booth
Text Edit

Applies To: Students

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What free student software is available and how do I install on my computer? (link)

Anti-Virus Software (Windows)

To install anti-virus software on your computer you must first uninstall any other antivirus software you might have before installing ours. Then click on the link Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows 7/Vista/XP and install using Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Office 2010 or 2013 and 2011

Our license agreement with Microsoft provides students with rights to Windows operating system upgrades, Microsoft Office for Windows and MacOS.

  • Students are entitled to upgrade to the latest versions until their graduation then you will have a perpetual license(s) for your installed version.
  • Students that withdraw from the University without graduating must uninstall the Microsoft products acquired through this license agreement.

To install Office on your computer go to http://wlu.onthehub.com and click the "Sign In" link. If you are prompted, provide your W&L username and password. Click on the product you want and Add to Cart.

  • Microsoft downloads are FREE for students.
  • You can order backup discs for your products for $13.95 each.
  • You can order an Extended Access Guarantee for $4.95 which gives you 24 months of access to your download(s) and license key(s).

Complete and confirm your order. Once your order has been placed, you'll receive an e-mail with a link to your downloads. KEEP TRACK OF YOUR PRODUCT KEY(S)
You will be prompted to do a one time installation of Secure Download Manager. Follow the steps on the web page. Check the Download location at the top of the screen and make sure you have sufficient disk space in the Download Location and "Start Download".

If you have questions, please e-mail helpdesk@wlu.edu

Applies To: Students

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I need to edit sound files. What software (What is Audacity?) should I use? (link)

Audacity is a free, open source software for recording and editing sounds available at: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/   The download works on both Macintosh and PCs.

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What statistical software packages do we offer on campus? (link)

Stata and SPSS are statistical packages that can be found on computers in labs across the W&L campus.  Stata is available in the Williams School and in Leyburn Library.  SPSS is also in the library and on machines in the Science Center. 

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Where can I download SMART Notebook software? (link)
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What software is available on the Windows computers in 301 in Leyburn Library? (link)
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What software is available on the Macintosh computers in the Innovation Lab in Leyburn Library? (link)
Innovation Lab Macs
Adobe Acrobat 
Adobe Dreamweaver
CS6 12.0.3
Adobe Fireworks
CS6 12.0.1
Adobe Flash
CS6 12.0.2
Adobe Illustrator
CS6 16.0.2
Adobe InDesign
CS6 8.0.2
Adobe PhotoShop
CS6 13.0.6
Citrix Receiver
Final Cut Pro X
Flip Player
Microsoft Office 2011
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What software is available on the Windows computers in the Innovation Lab in Leyburn Library? (link)
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How do I reserve a room in the Science Center and/or Great Hall? (link)

To reserve Classrooms in the Science Center and/or the Great Hall, use the Calendar.
For questions about room reservations in the Science Center contact
Linda Davis.

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What software is available on the Macintosh computers in room 101 in Leyburn Library? (link)
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How do I install the Citrix virtual desktop software, so that I can access myVi? (link)
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Applies To: Faculty, Staff, Students

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Directory Information for Antonya Hall (link)
Directory Information for Christopher Reid (link)

Reid, Christopher B. (Chris)    (540) 458-4070
Director of Residence Life creid@wlu.edu
Student Activities and Recreation Elrod Commons 330

Directory Information for Colin Reid (link)

Reid, Colin D.    (540) 458-8624
Associate Professor of Accounting reidc@wlu.edu
Accounting and Finance Huntley Hall 311

Directory Information for Corey Hall (link)
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