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What telephone service is recommended for coverage? (link)

The current recommended service is with Verizon.

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What can you tell me (student) about the 911 service? (link)

W&L’s system is linked directly to the area Emergency 911 notification system. 911 should only be used in life threatening situations. Minor emergency calls should be placed to University Security at 8999 from any W&L extension. You may place a call to E-911 by dialing 9+911. In most cases, the E-911 dispatcher will see the phone number you are dialing from and your location on their dispatch screen.

If you accidentally dial 911, please don’t hang up. Simply identify yourself and tell them there is no emergency at your location. There are cases when 911 is accidentally dialed, especially on international calls which require a 9-0-11 prefix or when using a fax machine. If you hang up, the 911 dispatcher is obligated to pursue the call to try to determine if there is an actual emergency.

Be sure to dial carefully. If you unintentionally contact a 911 dispatcher, please explain your mistake to them and you will have played an important role in making the system work properly (and you won’t be responsible for emergency crews rolling up to your dorm on a false alarm).

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Does W&L Offer a Listserv Service? (link)

Yes.  ITS runs a Majordomo listserv that is available to any department, group or organization on campus.  To request a listserv, contact the HelpDesk and request one, including the following information:

  1. The name of the listserv
  2. The email address of the owner of the listserv (must be an active W&L account)
  3. optionally, a list of email addresses to populate the list with
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How do I activate the 3g service on my W&L iPad? (link)
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Where can I find the map of W&L's wireless network coverage? (link)

The map of wireless network coverage is located here.

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How do I (Student) quit Office365 Service when installing Office 2011? (link)
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What can you tell me (student) about long distance service phone in my campus residence? (link)

Placement of outgoing long distance calls requires the use of your personal 7-digit authorization code. Your long distance code will be in you WebAdvisor account . No deposit is required for long distance service. No subscription fee or monthly service fee will be charged for an authorization code.

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your authorization code and you will be responsible for all calls placed with your authorization code. If your authorization code is lost or stolen, or if for any reason you feel the security of this number has been compromised, immediately contact the W&L Telecommunications Office in person. Because of the serious nature of the loss of an authorization code, if the Telecommunications Office is closed, you should contact University Security immediately at 8999.

Since your telephone service is provided by the University, you may not subscribe to any "residential" long distance plan offered by another long distance carrier. However, you may obtain access to the interstate common carrier of your choice by establishing a calling card account with them and dialing the carrier's "800" access number. You may also reach an alternate carrier by dialing 9 + 1010xxx + 0 + phone number (for example, to access AT&T using this method, you would dial 9 + 1010288 + 0 + phone number). Contact your carrier for their three digit code and rates. Be aware that many advertised calling cards have per call surcharges or monthly fees associated with them, so read the fine print before committing to any of these services. Please remember that your alternate carrier calling card account can't be associated with your W&L phone system telephone number. A substantial service fee will be charged for calls billed back to your W&L telephone number. For more information, contact the Telecommunications Office.

Complaints related to operator services from any carrier may be addressed to: FCC, Common Carrier Bureau Enforcement Division, 2025 M Street NW, Washington DC, 20554.

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