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What is Enterprise Vault? (link)

Symantec Enterprise Vault is a software system that allows for the archiving and retrieval of e-mail.

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Where are the Enterprise Vault Current Clients located? (link)
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What are the web URLs for Enterprise Vault? (link)

All browsers:

Access to the vault: http://archive.wlu.edu

Browser search URL: http://archive.wlu.edu/EnterpriseVault/search.asp


IE 9 & 10 only:

Archive Explorer URL: http://archive.wlu.edu/EnterpriseVault/ArchiveExplorerUI.asp

Integrated search URL: http://archive.wlu.edu/EnterpriseVault/searcho2k.asp

Applies To: Faculty, Students

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How do I access Enterprise Vault on Outlook 2010? (link)

Please follow the detailed and illustrated instructions in the Related Resources.

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Are there any notes about Enterprise Vault Client Updates? (link)
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I can’t access my archived e-mail (evault). Is there something I can do? (link)

Browse to this location: \\maltiris2\SoftwareDelivery\Symantec\EVault Plug-in and install EVClient_en.msi


If you still are unable to acces your archieved e-mails, call the Information Desk at x4357 or send an email to help@wlu.edu giving us the details and we will contact you.

Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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Where is arcGIS located? (link)

arcGIS is located on the Morgan image in the Stable.

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I've been upgraded to Outlook 2010 and I am getting Enterprise Vault errors. What should I do? (link)
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Where is Mozilla Firefox located? (link)

Mozilla Firefox is located on the American Paint and the American Saddlebred, and the Morgan images in the Stable.

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Where is Adobe Acrobat Professional located? (link)

Adobe Acrobat Professional is located in the American Paint image in the Stable.

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How do I set up a dual monitor for the thin clients? (link)
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Where are the Smart Boards and Sympodiums located on campus? (link)

du Pont 104 (Sympodium)

Leyburn M47 (Sympodium)

Leyburn Smart Zone (Smart Board) (Contact the Information Desk at 4357 to reserve)

Newcomb 116 (Wide-Screen Sympodium)

Newcomb 122 (Wide-Screen Sympodium)

Parmly 313 (Smart Board, Biology Department Lab)

Payne 201 (Wide-Screen Sympodium)

Red House (Smart Board)

Science Addition G14 (Sympodium)

Science Addition 114 (Sympodium)

Science Addition 214 (Sympodium)

Tucker 402 (Smart Board)

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Where are high definition displays with HDMI located on campus (LifeSize)? (link)

Display devices with HDMI inputs are limited on campus at this time. ITS will be deploying more of these high definition flat panel monitors and projectors over time. As of October, 2010, locations with HDMI include Leyburn M40, M41, M42, 102 and the SmartZone on Main Level. HDMI inputs are also available in the Newcomb Hall classrooms. Devices such as the LifeSize Passport video conferencing system require an HDMI capable display device to operate.

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How do I obtain a copy of my transcript (Registrar's) for both current students and alumni? (link)

Transcripts are requested through the Registrar's Office. Information can be found on this page: http://www.wlu.edu/x33519.xml

If you are a graduate you don't have access to WebAdvisor anymore. Go to the Registrar's Office page (link above) and Click the Transcript Request Form under the Alumni Header. Print and mail or fax in the request. As alum you will receive an official transcript.  To make it unofficial you need to make a photocopy of the hard copy. 

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How do I access Outlook Shared Mailboxes with IMAP Clients (iPad, Droid)? (link)
  1. Within your IMAP client add a new mail account
  2. For the full name field enter the shared mailbox name (or the name you would like to display when an email is sent from this account)
  3. For email address enter the SMTP email address for the shared mailbox.
  4. For password enter your own password
  5. For username enter ad/youraccountname/shared-mailbox-name (ex: ad/smithj/shredmail). Set account type to IMAP
  6. Set incoming mail server to owa.wlu.edu
  7. Set connection security to SSL/TLS using port 993
  8. Set the Outgoing Server to use SMTPA, and use your email/password for authentication.  You will not acutally use this, but most IMAP connection require this step.

Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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I don't have the current class groups in my Outlook address book on my Mac what should I do? (link)
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