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Where can I use the LifeSize Passport video conferencing unit? (link)

The LifeSize Passport can be used in any location (on or off campus) where a display with HDMI is available. (A high speed network connection is also required.) Rooms with an HDMI connection include:

Leyburn M40, M41 and M42; the Writing Center and Leyburn 102

Early Fielding 109 and 114

Newcomb 120, 304 and 310



Please contact the Information Desk for possible solutions if you need to video conference on campus in a location that does not have an HDMI display.

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What is LifeSize video conferencing? (link)

LifeSize is a manufacturer of video conferencing systems. Leyburn Library has a LifeSize Passport video conferencing system available for use. This system will enable users to video conference with individuals around the world who have compatible standards based conferencing equipment. The Passport is a small palm-sized device that includes a camera and microphone.

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How do I make a call on the LifeSize video conferencing unit? (link)

The LifeSize Passport is a point-to-point communications device that uses standard internet infrastructure to transport the audio and video to the other end.

Dialing is done by “calling” the destination unit’s IP address.  Just as every phone has a phone number, every device connected to the network has an IP address.  The person you are calling will give you their IP address and you will “dial” that number.  This is an example of a typical IP address –



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What is needed to use the LifeSize Passport video conferencing system? (link)

The LifeSize Passport system requires a high definition TV, monitor or projector to operate. The display device must have an HDMI input connection. Currently, HDMI-capable displays are limited in number on campus. The system also requires power and a wired network connection.

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Can I show presentations with LifeSize Passport video conferencing? (link)

No. This video conferencing unit is designed for simple point-to-point exchange of what the camera sees and the microphone hears. Even though some video conferencing systems allow for the incorporation of presentations from a computer, the Passport does not.

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Who can I call with the LifeSize video conferencing system? (link)

The LifeSize Passport video conferencing system is compatible with any other system that uses current video conferencing standards via the internet. The brand of conferencing system on the other end is not important as long as it uses the commonly accepted IP based communications standards. These standards are known as H.264, H.263 & H.261.

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Is high definition video conferencing available (LifeSize)? (link)

The LifeSize Passport available in Leyburn Library will do high definition video up to 720p. The unit will automatically adjust to lower quality video based on network traffic and the capabilities of the video conferencing unit on the other end.

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What is the IP address of the LifeSize video conferencing unit available in Leyburn Library? (link)

The IP address of this device will vary based on the location where it is being used. If you need to know the IP address before the time of your conference, the unit will need to be connected to the network in your location prior to the time of your event. An IP address will be automatically assigned and displayed on the screen. You will then need to leave the device hooked to the network to retain that address.

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Can I call multiple locations at the same time with the LifeSize Passport video conferencing system? (link)

Not at this time.

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Where are high definition displays with HDMI located on campus (LifeSize)? (link)

Display devices with HDMI inputs are limited on campus at this time. ITS will be deploying more of these high definition flat panel monitors and projectors over time. As of October, 2010, locations with HDMI include Leyburn M40, M41, M42, 102 and the SmartZone on Main Level. HDMI inputs are also available in the Newcomb Hall classrooms. Devices such as the LifeSize Passport video conferencing system require an HDMI capable display device to operate.

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How do I access SCOLA online? (link)
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How do I get a Flip video off of the Flip? (link)

Mac Instructions:

  1. Plug the FLIP into the USB port on the Mac;
  2. Once the camera has appeared in Finder, locate the folder named DCIM;
  3. Under DCIM is the Video folder;
  4. Copy the folder or video files that you want onto your H:\ Drive;
  5. Start up iMovie;
  6. Go to File: Import Movies and choose the folder or movies you want to import;
  7. Right click on the file and select "Play Full Screen".

PC Instructions:

  1. Plug the FLIP into the USB port on the PC;
  2. Open Windows Explorer;
  3. Click on the Flip Video drive;
  4. Open the DCIM folder;
  5. Copy the desired folder or videos to your H:\ drive.
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Why am I getting an error message when importing video from Flip Camera? (link)

There is a problem running the latest version of FlipShare (the software that manages all your Flip videos) on older PCs. Basically, the software detects the processor on your computer and if your processor is not up to its standard, it will shut down, giving you an error message. 

The solution is to download and install the older version of Flipshare. First uninstall Flipshare (Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs), then download and install "Flip Video For PC" v3.7 from here:


Applies To: Faculty, Staff, Students

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Where can I find royalty free music for my video or digital story? (link)
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Applies To: Faculty, Staff, Students

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How do I add a QuickTime video (.mov, .mp4) to my Power Point 2010 presentation? (link)

With PowerPoint 2010, when you have the QuickTime player installed on your computer, you can insert an Apple QuickTime movie (.mov, .mp4) file.

The PowerPoint 2010 64-bit version is not compatible with 32-bit versions of QuickTime or Flash. You must install a 64-bit version of QuickTime or Flash, or a 32-bit version of PowerPoint 2010.

To embed or link to a QuickTime video from your PowerPoint presentation, see Embed a video in your presentation.

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