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What is an iPad? (link)

The iPad is a tablet computer, created by Apple, with a 9.7 inch backlit screen. It is a multitouch device that weighs only 1.5 pounds. It runs a modified version of the iPhone OS, and it can connect to Wi-Fi networks, use the iBook reader, play music and run a multitude of applications available at the iTunes store.

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How do I charge the iPad? (link)

The iPad comes with a charger that allows you to connect via a USB port to your PC or Macintosh, or you can plug the USB into the wall charger and charge it.

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How do I activate the 3g service on my W&L iPad? (link)
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How do I wipe out all of my personal settings on an iPad so that I can give it to another person? (link)

Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings

You will be asked to confirm two times.

All of your applications, network settings, e-mail information and iTunes account information will be wiped off of the iPad.

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How do I save a file from email to the iPad dropbox (using the Dropbox app and the iAnnotate app?) (link)

How to Save a File from Email to the Dropbox with iAnnotate

1. On your PC or Macintosh desktop computer, download the Dropbox program from www.dropbox.com

a. As part of the installation process, Dropbox will create a file in your "My Documents" folder. Anything that you save to that folder will viewable from your iPad.

2. Create a Dropbox account for yourself; remember the password because you'll have to enter it every time you access the account from your iPad. It can be the same or different from your University password.

a. You should now have a Dropbox account with 2 GB of free storage.

b. Drag a file into that folder for testing purposes.

3. Download the Dropbox application on your iPad.

a. Log into the dropbox once it's installed.

b. You should see the file you dragged to the Dropbox.

4. You can upload any photos or video files from your iPad to your Dropbox, but not any documents or PDFs. This is where iAnnotate comes in...it communicates between your email and your dropbox, being the 3rd party.

5. Download the iAnnotate application on your iPad.

6. You should now be able to send a PDF from email to iAnnotate, and from iAnnotate to the Dropbox, all from the iPad.

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My iPad or iPhone won't boot. What Now? (link)

To force restart an iPad or iPhone hold down the Sleep button and Home button simultaneously for several seconds. This causes the device to force boot.

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Do I have to make room on my iPhone or iPad for the IOS 8 update? (link)
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How do I connect to the W&L wireless network from my iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad? (link)
  1. Go to the Settings app
  2. Select Wi-Fi
  3. Make sure Wi-Fi is on and choose the "WLUsec" network
  4. Enter your W&L network username (without the @mail.wlu.edu or @wlu.edu part) and password and tap Join
  5. When prompted to accept the network certificate, tap the Accept button
  6. Enter your device's passcode if prompted
  7. A checkbox next to the WLUsec network and the Wi-Fi signal icon in the status bar at the top should indicate that you are now connected to the network

Applies To: Faculty, Staff, Students

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How do I access my faculty or staff W&L email, calendar and contacts from my iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad? (link)
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Can I get Office on my iPad or iPhone? (link)
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How do I connect to the Junos Pulse VPN from an iPad or iPhone? (link)
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How do I copy music from my iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to my Computer for Free? (link)

Click this link found by our Mac technician.

Applies To: Students

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How do I access Outlook Shared Mailboxes with IMAP Clients (iPad, Droid)? (link)
  1. Within your IMAP client add a new mail account
  2. For the full name field enter the shared mailbox name (or the name you would like to display when an email is sent from this account)
  3. For email address enter the SMTP email address for the shared mailbox.
  4. For password enter your own password
  5. For username enter ad/youraccountname/shared-mailbox-name (ex: ad/smithj/shredmail). Set account type to IMAP
  6. Set incoming mail server to owa.wlu.edu
  7. Set connection security to SSL/TLS using port 993
  8. Set the Outgoing Server to use SMTPA, and use your email/password for authentication.  You will not acutally use this, but most IMAP connection require this step.

Applies To: Faculty, Staff

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What are the Office365 (students)settings to update my iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch or my Blackberry, WindowsPhone, or Andriod device? (link)
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Applies To: Students

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The app I'm using on my [iPhone, iPad, Android] won't let me save to my Box at W&L account. It says the app is disabled. How do I request that it be enabled? (link)

Send an email to help@wlu.edu providing the details--the name of the app and how you'd like to use it in your workflow. We'll review the app to see if it meets security requirements and get back to you.

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